The Ugly Truth
The Ugly Truth

Nine Months after David Crowley’s Family Found Dead: Still More Questions than Answers

The above screen shot is the only reference in this case by the media as an “alleged triple-homicide”.

September 22, 2015 - Chaska, MN - Dan Hennen

It has been nine months since the bodies of David, Komel and Rani Crowley were found in their Apple Valley, MN home. Each died as a result of a single gunshot wound to the head. Law enforcement ruled it a double-murder suicide at the hands of David Crowley.

During these nine months, speculation came out as to what happened, but very little, if any evidence has surfaced. Below, I will outline some relevant items surrounding this case and why there are so many unanswered questions.

There have been only three media releases by the Apple Valley Police Department regarding this case. First was a short release announcing that three bodies were found in a home on Ramsdell Drive, then the identification of the three bodies, and finally an announcement that there was “no signs of struggle in the home”.

We have little to go on from there. The elephant in the room that hasn’t been addressed yet relates to the comment by a first responder on the scene, as heard on the police audio as saying “rear slider unlocked, and slightly ajar.” AVPD Captain John Bermel and lead investigator James Gummert have never brought this up publicly and to some it leads to speculation that it could be intentional in hopes the question “goes away”. This reason alone, one could argue, is the reason this case should not have been ruled a murder-suicide.
The AVPD quickly ruled this a murder-suicide also PERHAPS to reduce the public’s fear of having a “murderer on the loose in their neighborhood”. The city of Apple Valley has roughly 50,000 residents and the public fear subsided when the police quickly concluded this was indeed a murder-suicide. But the question remains…was it?
The parents of David Crowley (Dan Crowley, Sr. and Kate Crowley of Owatonna, MN) didn't do a public interview or even released a statement. The parents of Komel (Anjun R. Alam, and Naila A. Alam, of Hewitt, TX) haven’t done a public interview or even released a statement.
Komel’s mother Naila Alam is allegedly receiving treatment for an advanced form of cancer with slim hopes of surviving. This was discovered in July, 2014 and at the time she had no medical insurance. Komel’s younger sister Sidrah Alam, 22 has communicated that her mother has ovarian cancer and due to her stress she has not been informed of the murder of her daughter, Komel, and grand-daughter Rani. With mounting medical bills, Dan Crowley (David’s older brother) set up a “GoFundMe” campaign called “The Crowley/Alam Medical Fund” with a stated goal of $6,000,000 yes, $6 MILLION. There is no mention in local papers or on social media of anyone named Naila Alam suffering from an advanced form of cancer and no Caring Bridge web site in existence for periodic updates, and well wishes from family. From July, 2014 thru January, 2015, there is no evidence to support a local benefit for the family or any type of fundraising effort for this woman. Dan Crowley, 32, who was close to his late brother David, but only an acquaintance of the Alam family “stepped up” to create the fundraiser but the funds donated went directly to him under the auspices he will “forward the funds” on to the Alam family. The fund raised $8,000 when Naila allegedly began receiving medical insurance coverage. Sidrah Alam notified Dan Crowley to shut down the campaign page, and a week later the fundraiser was closed. In repeated attempts by myself to get confirmation that the $8,000 was in fact, forwarded to the Alam family, neither side of the family could do so.

The following week, Dan Crowley posted a picture of himself in front of a Las Vegas Hotel on his personal Facebook page, only adding fuel to what happened to the money. Does Naila Alam have ovarian cancer? Why didn’t she have medical insurance? Why would she need $6,000,000? Did the $8,000 raised by Dan Crowley ever make it into the hands of the Alam family? These are some of the questions. Currently there is no evidence to support any of this occurred.

Two weeks following the death of his brother's family, and closing down the fundraising campaign, Dan took a trip to Las Vegas.
Screen shot of comments made on the Facebook Group “Justice for David Crowley and Gray State”.
Email confirmation from the “Alam/Crowley Family Medical Fund” fundraising site. Why would the funds be received by Dan Crowley?
In the home when the bodies were found, an agitated, angry dog was found inside the home. This was Paleo, the family dog. Paleo was taken to a shelter to for a time, and Dan Crowley “stepped up” to take the dog in. The dog had eaten on parts of the bodies and tore up a sofa cushion in the home, but lived for three weeks with no food. That part makes sense and could very well be true. But here’s the catch….the water.

A dog could not survive three weeks without water. In this two-bathroom home, there is a chance that one or both of the toilet lids were open allowing the dog to drink the toilet water. This water could have lasted several days or even a week depending on how many lids remained open. The fact that the bodies were lying there for three weeks or more, makes it very likely that Paleo didn’t have any water during the seven to ten days. This point needs to be addressed and law enforcement could have made a statement eluding to how many toilet lids were open and the condition of the dog when it was found as Paleo would have been very weak physically by that time. Police had to wait for a dog-pole to arrive before gaining access to the home on January 17, 2015. The picture of Paleo at the shelter that Dan posed on his Facebook wall, showed a thin-but-healthy dog.

David's brother Dan Crowley at the animal shelter visiting Paleo.
Dan Crowley doesn’t help his cause with this interesting post on his personal Facebook wall:

Screen shot taken from Dan Crowley’s Facebook page. This post has since been deleted or hidden from his page.

Another odd photo posted on Dan Crowley's personal Facebook page. This, too has been deleted or hidden from his page.
There is only one known obituary posted relating to the family deaths. Nothing found in Hewitt, TX and nothing in the Minneapolis or St. Paul local papers. For a public figure like David Crowley, it seemed out of place to find an online obituary posted on the Owatonna Newspaper with a short, hastily written obituary lumping together all three deaths by using a personal obituary form from their site? Keep in mind that David was a public figure with followers and fans from across the globe. Komel had her own successful business with many clients and lots of friends.
Perhaps, a quicker, inexpensive obituary to save money? Perhaps, but the Alam family and the Crowley family both were families with resources and were financially stable. Which raises the question above regarding Naila not having medical insurance. (Keep in mind that Komel received her degree from Baylor University and her Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota, and her father bought a new Acura for her to drive while she grew her business.)
The Medical Examiner’s report. The deaths of Komel and Rani were ruled a homicide and David’s death was ruled a suicide. The official date of the deaths are January 17, 2015. Typically in cases like this when bodies are found after several weeks, the medical examiner will narrow down the most likely date of death after examining the state of decay of the bodies, etc. But this was never done. This would help investigators lock into a date to use for investigative purposes. For example, the medical examiner in this case could have stated “the killings appear to have taken place between December 24-26, 2014 from our lab’s analysis.” The official date of death will remain the date the bodies were found, as that is standard procedure.
Dan Crowley stated he “stopped by the home” on December 26 or December 27 to drop off some packages, but didn’t ring the doorbell as he didn’t want to bother the family. He would know the date, and didn't need to guess. Dan Crowley certainly would have been brought in for some initial questioning as he is close to David and was at the property after the crime. We do not know if he was ever questioned. From the standpoint of a potential suspect in this case, Dan Crowley certainly has some explaining to do regarding his behavior.
Many criminals enjoy “returning to the scene” to review their handiwork whether an arson, vandalism or murder. Was Dan truly dropping off gifts at the front stoop, or simply stopping over to get a glimpse into that front window that had the curtains conveniently left open? Dan has certainly gone out of his way to appear as a good guy in this case, visiting the family dog Paleo at the shelter, then taking him in, then starting up a fundraising campaign for his brother’s mother–in-law that he hardly knew. He was stated as calling David and sending texts to David after not hearing from him during the holidays. Was this an earnest attempt to reach his brother or an alibi that checks out as Dan being “concerned about the welfare of his brother?” He was certainly close enough in proximity to make stops at the home if he was indeed concerned. The day of the interview with the press, Dan Crowley along with friends, Danny August Mason, Mason Hendricks and Sean Wright all pose smiling for the camera in a photo that reeks of foul-play, but yet still was posted on Instagram.
Instagram photo posted on January 21, 2015. (Left to right, Sean Wright, Dan Crowley, Danny August Mason and Mason Hendricks)
These are not men that appear to be grieving the loss of a close friend and brother.
The media in this case, presents another issue. This story took off initially on the world stage with coverage in Europe and Australia. Then several small stories here in the U.S. Then all fell silent…including the alternative media, who would have eaten up a story like this with all the anomalies. The story was brushed under the rug in conspiracy circles and many publicly stated they “agreed with the official narrative”.
Images of 12 individuals connected to the Gray State project with alternative media connections.
Many thanks to three groups that have taken this case under their wing. 21st Century Wire, Disaster Survival Magazine and Wake up to the Truth internet radio show. As well-known as David Crowley was, it seemed to go down memory hole in sites such as Godlike Productions, LunaticOutpost and AboveTopSecret.
Advocacy groups also got involved as this was also purported to be a case of domestic violence. Showing pictures of Komel and Rani being victims of domestic abuse at the hands of a deranged man. There has been no evidence to support the fact that David Crowley killed Komel and Rani, and in fact, the case is still open and ongoing as per investigator James Gummert.
Many have accused David Crowley of suffering from PTSD after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan in the Army. While this angle certainly would make sense, there is no evidence to support that David suffered from PTST and snapped and flew off the handle killing his family. Instead, the murders appear to be a very calculated, planned event.
David commented often on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and his comments lead the reader to believe he was rational, and excited about the future. He was looking forward to 2015 and releasing his documentary in “the next few weeks”.
Speaking of social media, the next series of anomalies center on the censoring of certain posts. David’s personal Facebook page had a post deleted or hidden. On December 9, 2014 David made a post about having “big plans for 2015” but had been recently deleted or hidden from his timeline. On the Gray State: The Rise Facebook page, a post from September 9, 2014 was recently deleted or hidden which stated, David was in the process of putting together “a new trustworthy team” to work with. Why would these posts be deleted or hidden and who was doing this?
Screenshot of a recently deleted post on David Crowley’s personal Facebook page.
The news of the deaths arrived on January 18, 2015 in circles on the internet when “The Rundown Live” was being aired with Mike Paczesny. The news appeared right as their online show was beginning, and took over much of the air time. This certainly was strange, but COULD have been coincidental also. Two days later, on January 20, it was the same Mike Paczesny who apparently “went rogue” and “leaked” the Gray State unfinished documentary on YouTube. Once again, another anomaly that can’t be easily explained away as coincidence. Mr. Paczesny would be another person to get a statement from on his knowledge of this case.
The curious case of Sean Wright:
Sean Wright is a close friend of David Crowley and member of the Gray State team, and calls himself the “personal rolodex” for David Crowley. A loving father and proud dad and a man who recently “turned his life around” appears to be the good guy in this case including working with investigators, police and closely with the Crowley family. He made the statement, “David was like a brother to me, Komel was like a sister to me, and Rani was like a daughter to me. I consider them family.”
Sean’s odd behavior in the aftermath of the deaths and how he inserted himself into the outside investigation of this case has many people believing he should be considered a suspect. Public records show a total of $38,000 in State of Minnesota Judgements against him, and additional tax related problems shows this is a man who needs money. Sean took the lead in “asking for” and then “demanding” administrative privileges on the Facebook Group called “Justice for David Crowley and Gray State” ran by Thomas Lapp. Once granted, a series of posts were deleted that questioned the official narrative of this case. He then “asked for” and requested administrative rights to the Facebook Page called “Justice for David Crowley and family” that I created. He wanted to "make sure the correct version of the story came out and to ban certain members of that page who were making outrageous claims." When turned down, he became irate and made veiled threats, and told me “You’ll get urs” and "I feel sorry for the backlash that will come your way."
I recommend that he create his own Facebook Page (which is free and easy to do) and push whichever narrative he chooses. To my knowledge he hasn’t as of yet. During a phone call I had with Sean, he stated he could be sent to prison for up to “70 years” if some of this tax stuff gets out there, and I am still confused about why a person would make this statement.
Anyone who has doubted the official story has received backlash from Sean, whether in the form of a text, a private message on Facebook or otherwise. Sean has become the leading force in the case to brush aside and “eliminate” any questions surrounding the case. In a personal phone call to Greg Fernandez Jr. who is active on the “Justice for David Crowley and family page,” the following quotes were made to Greg…..”There is no conspiracy”, “We’ve seen the medical examiner’s reports”, “All the tests have been done”, “There’s nothing out there.” “I can’t tell you”, “I was probably one of the last people to see them alive” , “If you can, free yourself from this situation”, “The DHS and FBI will put you under a microscope if you keep asking questions”, “You’re swimming up a river that doesn’t go anywhere”, “Don’t beat a dead horse”, “You gotta learn when to let things go”, “There is nothing to pursue”, “I hope that you respect my words”, “Just stop it dude…for your own sanity”, and finally “The truth is already understood, and it is up to the family to decide what to disclose.”
Wow, here is a man actively pushing that there is no foul play, but here comes the good part. Sean has actively pushed the following angle….David and Komel jointly agreed to do this and it was planned this way…
Screen capture shows Sean Wright leaving his personal cell phone number and requesting David to call him. He also mentions the importance of his “tax talk” in the film. Is this something a “close friend” would leave in the comment section of a post? It would seem more appropriate to send a private message. This post was later deleted from the Facebook page "Gray State: The Rise".
Officially, the medical examiner and the Apple Valley Police Department have ruled a double-murder followed by David shooting himself. Mr. Wright is of the belief this was a murder, followed by a double-suicide, planned and agreed to by both parents to kill their daughter and then themselves. This, by definition is a conspiracy (two or more people agreeing to commit a crime). So, we’ve got Sean Wright actively pushing a conspiracy theory, while at the same time, publicly stating there is no conspiracy. In working closely with investigators, I wonder if they know this man is actively throwing their theory under the bus. Those are some strong words.
If Komel agreed to this, where is it documented that it went down like this, where is the evidence to support this theory and if there was evidence, why would law enforcement state that it was a double-murder, followed by a suicide? What possibly would cause a parent to shoot and kill their five-year old daughter?
Sean isn’t the only one with this theory. Mason Hendricks a friend of the Crowley’s went on to say that it was a “joint decision” to do it this way, and that “David did this, 100%”. How does Hendricks know? Hendricks is believed to use the name “Mason Norsk Hest” on Facebook and Instagram and stated that the family death was “tragic, but poetic” much to the shagrin of members on the Facebook pages, who called the comment, irresponsible.
Beginning in April, Mason began a dis-information campaign which many believe was simply a reason to throw independent investigators off the trail.
Private Message from Mason to Dan Hennen. Here he stated the ashes of Komel Crowley were flown down to Texas. Komel Crowley was Muslim and most certainly would NOT have been cremated.
Message from Mason to Dan Hennen responding to the question of who set up the GoFundMe campaign.
Mason Hendricks was a person photographed in the iconic “smiling guys” picture that surfaced during the press interviews days after the bodies were found and during the time the close friends were allegedly “grieving “ the loss of a friend.
Screen shot from Godlike Productions site. Interesting comment at the bottom.
The Motive:
As with any crime, you’ll need to identify the motive to come to a conclusion as to why it happened. In this particular case, there isn’t one just yet. If you “follow the money”, you will more-than-likely get to the root. In the Crowley case, there is a big one… $30 million. David was pitching his movie “The Gray State” to various producers in Hollywood in May, 2014, but he came back empty-handed. Later it was found that there was a $30 million offer on the table for this film and apparently there was a verbal offer and production was to begin on this film. But, keep in mind that David Crowley wanted this done his way, and didn’t want to lose the integrity of the film with Hollywood producers molding the story into something else. During this time, it appears David then rejected the offer when it became obvious he would have to “give up all rights to the film” and it was to be directed and produced by someone other than him. The Gray State team would have been undoubtedly upset with this, as most of them poured many, many hours and up to three years working on this project. The fact that one man single-handedly “pulled the rug out” from a $30M deal could very well have left a wake of resentment by the team towards him.
The members of the Gray State team have repeatedly stated that “there was no deal” but some comments below seem to support the evidence that there WAS something in the works, and a deal was most certainly discussed and was going down a path of working out the final details.
The Preschool Question:

Five-year old Rani was enrolled in the Cyprus Classical Montessori school in the fall of 2014. Cyprus Classical Montessori is a NAEYC accredited Montessori preschool for 2-5 year old children with a Super K gifted and talented program for 4-5 year old children in Burnsville, MN. The bodies were found on January 17, 2015. The question is this, Was Rani enrolled at the school in January, 2015, and if so were attempts made to reach the family when she didn't show up for class for 10 straight days? (Following the Christmas/New Year's Holiday, classes began on Monday, January 5.) Typically, upon enrolling a child, the parent must fill in two names and numbers to use as "emergency contacts". One of them was more-than-likely David or Komel, but who was the second? Was that person contacted or notified? Once notified did they reach out to the Crowley residence to get an update? If an attempt was made, but no action taken, I would imagine that person would be carrying around a tremendous amount of guilt to this day.

What if the school DIDN'T make attempt to reach one out to one or both of the emergency contact names? Would that make the school itself partially negligent in their duties? The problem is this....we don't know. The school has yet to make a comment or issue a press release on this subject. They have stated to law enforcement that they don't "wish to talk about it". The only logical conclusion is that the Crowley parents did NOT enroll Rani for the winter months of 2015, and she was never a student there in January, releasing all responsibility of the school. But if she wasn't a student, and David and Komel did indeed pull her out, what was the reason given and who was involved in that discussion? That would be excellent information in this case to help determine what was going on in that home around the November/December time-frame, crucial to understanding the killings, and the timeline for this event. If Rani, was not enrolled, the school should have come forward right away to clear the air about this, but instead decided to use a veil of secrecy which only leads one to assume she probably was enrolled in the month of January.
The Facebook group, "Justice for David Crowley and family" had, at one time two people close to the school as members of the page. One was a teacher and one a daycare provider in the area, that knew about Cyprus. Both were quickly harrassed and eventually driven away by members that were rude and inconsiderate. One contacted me privately to say they were being harrassed and threatened in the middle of the night with phone calls that involved "yelling in other languages" for about a week straight. The phone number was blocked after that and the calls stopped.
The number of threats in the aftermath of this event is astounding.
The Neighbor:
Next door neighbor Collin Prochnow saw through the window what appeared to be “mannequins” at the Crowley home around noon on Saturday, January 17, 2015. He told his wife Judy and she suggested they both go back over and take another look. They did, and saw bodies and a black handgun nearby and then called police.
Judy Prochow, or someone posing as her on Facebook, began answering questions regarding the case on "Justice for David Crowley and family", but then soon lost credibility when some of her posts didn’t add up. The person was exposed on our page as a fraud when this happened:
The above screen shot shows “Judy” looking forward to meeting Komel’s sister Sidrah Alam, at her request. When checking with Sidrah Alam to verify this to be authentic, Sidrah replied back to be with this:
It is not known who was possibly posing as “Judy Prochnow” or if it was truly her. But Sidrah states “I’ve never talked to her” and later mentioned, "why would I be interested in meeting the neighbor?"
Screen shot of the Facebook page of Judy Prochnow.
The following conversation took place after the Judy Prochnow person was outed:
Screen shot on February 15, 2015 after it became clear this wasn’t the neighbor. Note, I live only 21 miles away from the scene in nearby Chaska, MN.

We as a group do not know what happened in that home, but the evidence of a cover-up of some sort is clear to see.

Another Unexplained Death:
On, August 9, 2015 Kathryn "Kate" Crowley, 51 was found dead sitting on a patio chair slumped over on the table on the deck of her Owatonna, MN home. She was healthy, in good spirits and held two jobs. No reason was given for her untimely death. Kate was the mother of David Crowley. Obituary here. No foul play was suspected according to the Owatonna Police Department. No press release was issued and no comment from any member of the family. A autopsy was requested and toxicology results will be available around the end of October. This is an alarming development, and highly suspicious.

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  • Judy Prochnow (Thursday, September 01 16 03:44 pm EDT)

    Dan, you're so dishonest. You claim that I was "outed" on your page. That's interesting since we exchanged messages about Sidrah and what I thought at that time was an invitation to talk to her when
    she was at the house. You even warned me that I was (paraphrased) dealing with snakes when I told you who had told me this. That's not a lie Dan, that is a clear misunderstanding, plus it is a well
    known fact that Sidrah and I did speak that day where she related the problems she had been having from you and the rest of your creepshow.
    And Dan, tsk, became clear this wasn't the neighbor? When did that become clear to you and how can you print it without checking first? I realize verification is not your strong suit, in
    fact it's not even an accessory in your closet, but you really shouldn't be posting fabrications as truth. But I guess, without fabrications you have no story. And that's the ugly truth.

  • Sunday Weiss (Friday, April 21 17 11:42 pm EDT)

    The dog ate off bodies, why no bloody dog pay prints, saw some poo, but no bloody dog prints from a dog sustaining himself in the middle of a bloody crime scene?

  • ig (Sunday, April 30 17 07:57 pm EDT)

    Good day! I just wish to offer you a huge thumbs up
    for the excellent information you have right here on this post.
    I will be returning to your site for more soon.

  • Henry Massingale (Friday, July 14 17 08:31 pm EDT)

    Our Network Team started a investigation because we now take the word of friends and family in this murder case.

    David Crowley’s Murder is now listed as a Hate Crime, David Crowley’s DOD File, never before seen, videos, images, that David saved to build a media interest in his work, at around 9 minutes and 38 seconds, we and I will present evidence that not only did the police mess up the crime scene, they left out important information.
    Grey State: David Crowley’s Murder Now Listed as Hate Crime
    Part 1.
    First off, Details of Minnesota filmmaker’s murder, should of been turned over to the (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation.
    David Crowley’s Murder Case is now re- opened, by the TTTG News Networking Team. This case is listed by use as a hate crime, because it was a personal vendetta to establish revenge against the David Crowley Family.

  • Nellie (Friday, September 22 17 09:29 am EDT)

    Excellent article.

  • James (Saturday, December 16 17 03:07 am EST)

    I have a message from Komel.
    Email me

  • RichieFromBoston (Thursday, December 28 17 06:27 am EST)

  • kelly hogan (Thursday, December 28 17 07:45 am EST)

    where can we get a transcribed version of his phone recordings /messages

  • Eileen (Thursday, December 28 17 04:57 pm EST)

    I'm concerned that he may have been schizophrenic from way back. The wall kind of scared me in that realm. But doesn't lead me to murder. PTSD is surely a factor here, if you believe he was involved. His wife clearly loved him and believed in him so I guess it's possible. But given his drive.....I don't know. perhaps a better perspective on ptsd from his unit would shed some light. My heartfelt sympathies to the families. This is a tragedy in every sense of the word.

  • J. Mehl (Friday, December 29 17 08:06 am EST)

    I am an amateur detective of sorts lol. I see a lot of back stepping and sideways talking from the police, certain family members, would love to chat and compare questions and notes

  • truth finder (Friday, December 29 17 03:10 pm EST)

    watching the documentary it was clear he was against the war in middle east. could he kill his little girl? probably not. questions you have to ask are. was he acting different around thanksgiving? was he on drugs? was he obsessed about the war and Islam? hard or not check this stuff out . did he have enemy's and who were they? did he have PTSD? then after all that check crime scene photos and report. if it was the elite trying to shut him up did he get death threats? why was GOD IS GREAT written on the wall? to throw off the truth.? were was the koran, close to the body ? or just thrown there? after you put all that together and speak to neighbors and friends you will get your answers if already done do it again and get some media involved and when they do there investigation see if the story's line up

  • Hmm (Saturday, December 30 17 11:54 am EST)

    OMG! The local media is lame. They just hung this horrific event on this poor guy. He did seem to get a little out there towards the end but I really don't think enough to kill his family and leave the dog, who miracunously survives with no food or water. Come on, the whole crime scene was staged. Question 1, did David have caked blood all over him and especially whatever hand he wrote with. 2, was the dog covered in caked blood from ravaging, considering he had no water and even from toilets, he'd still have blood on his fur. 3, did they test David's hand for residue after firing a weapon several times, he'd have plenty. 4, several shots are fired and no one in the neighbirhood hears anything. 5 The head bleeds slot, where's all the bloody paw prints.
    6, Komel converted to Christianity, Allah Akbar and Q'uran make no sense. 7, the slightly open sliding door, big clue. To many unanswored questions. I'm sure because of the content of his film, he wasn't real liked but not enough to kill him, I don't believe the hate crime either, but if you ask me, crime of passion. Dan the brother, was probably in love with Komel who didn't reciprpcate and this Sean and company were looking for that 30 million dollar payday, that never came. The whole gofundme for 6 million!?! Bingo. The sliding door was left slightly open because Dan knew how much it was gonna smell and he could come and go. Leaving gifts at front door with wide open curtains was done so he could monitor. The dog was the trophy' he could keep for his kill. Serial killers always do. And mom probably stumbled upon the truth and he killed her too.

  • B (Saturday, December 30 17 03:38 pm EST)

    The police had to get restraints for the dog before going in?... the dog knew the person who killed them.

  • Hmm (Saturday, December 30 17 08:07 pm EST)

    Yea B, that in itself is the answer to who killed this family. Murdered people almost all the time, knew their murderer. The conspiracy is probably the dweeb brother and his minions. This violence against this family was aimed at Komel and it was very personal. Also money, money and extortion are evil in themselves. The dog is the key witness.

  • Ryan (Saturday, December 30 17 09:21 pm EST)

    Conspiracy website.


  • Dean C (Sunday, December 31 17 04:04 am EST)

    When mental illness is involved in these horrible tragedies anything is possible. The why died with David.

  • Kelly (Sunday, December 31 17 11:29 am EST)

    One of my questions is when Dan left presents on the door step GE didn't look in the window while the dog was barking like the neighbor look? What about the 7 voice recordings on his phone the dad played from komel what was actually said? Then in the end when one of the friends was interviewed he specifically said no one will ever know why how ever with David showing his wall you could see that he was out to show the whole story. I feel that if he had done it he would of left a video or clues of to "the why" he recorded or write down everything. I think the documentary turned one sided in the end and there should be another one with all these facts. I watched it twice in a row wanting more answers.

  • Mark (Sunday, December 31 17 12:17 pm EST)

    A little something:
    Best to all shouting out.

  • Too many questions! (Sunday, December 31 17 02:14 pm EST)

    Has anyone matched up the hand writing from the note pad to anyone in the family or David? Surely with David and his 'Closet friends' and family they could gather hand writing samples to compare in sure being a screen writer lroducer etc.. he had to have items they could compare too? Also you mean to tell me if the mutders happened around Christmas not one family and/or friends Saw them or tried checking on them? I don't care how distant someone is you expect to hear from them at Christmas? Then after the brother drops off Christmas presents he didn't expect to get a call or a Thank you or something? You just drop them off and leave and never expect to hear from them? I just keep thinking if that neighbor didn't go over there how much longer they would have say there? For having so many family and friends that 'Cared' for them no one checked on them? Not one I mean not one person came or stopped by at all and saw presents scattered? Anyone could have looked in the window and saw what the neighbor saw? As far as the back door being opened I don't think as much as people think David Crowley or Komel could have left it open on purpose for the dog and the smell! One thing is clear there was a lot of dark heavy things going on in that house why wasn't david so keen on capturing all these 'paranormal' or whatever they were 'experiences' that kept happening only to Komel and he was more worried about making a recording on his phone and while in the middle of a breakdown or whatever she was having he was worried about documenting it them trying to find answered and getting her help? There was a lot going on and stuff we will never have answers to and he only recorded what he wanted us to know! I still don't know why when her sister visited komel never showed herself? Even if they wanted to never speak for being highly intelligent why wouldn't she just tell her sister herself with David there why was she not seen! There was a lot of darkness in that house from all sides I just hope the daughter didn't suffer too much from seeing all the stuff! Also why in the documentary does he ask his daughter something about killing him or it? It looked like she was reading the jungle book that's an inappropriate question to ask a 3,4 and/or 5 year old? I am not sure my conclusion there are way to many answers and questions but none that really add up I do not know how anyone can make a decision leaning one way or another there is way to many variables! The only thing that is clear is that there were some heavy dark things happening in that household!

  • KGarcia (Monday, January 01 18 03:39 am EST)

    In the case of the dog, it would have been easy to fill the bath tub with drinking water seeing as how David loved the dog more than anyone else according to his friends. Thinking ahead to ensure that the dog has enough water and shelter until he is later discovered points to David.

    As far as the daughter and school goes, it's pretty simple. If she was enrolled at that school, said school was probably given contact info in the form of cell phones and e-mail. If the daughter didn't show the school would probably send e-mails and leave messages on the phones and that would be the end of it. They are a private school and as far as I know private schools aren't going to act to contact police unless the student had actually started classes and then suddenly disappeared. It was so early in the process that the school probably did their contact and then just assumed that the family changed their minds.

    I did see the documentary and there is so much evidence of mental illness that I hardly know where to begin. I've never seen someone, especially a guy (filmmaker or not), document so much of their life on film and other recordings in such a self-indulgent and narcissistic way. I don't know what broke David in the end exactly but he definitely had some kind of psychotic break. I've seen highly intelligent people suffer breakdowns several times in my life. Lack of sleep is often a factor that comes about with depression that causes these breaks. While it's true that we'll never know "why", the fact that Komel was clearly in the grasp of a breakdown herself makes the idea of a 3rd (outside) party involved in their deaths improbable to me.

  • Too many questions (Monday, January 01 18 05:58 pm EST)

    The biggest mystery to me, is the disappearance of Komels hands, David's right hand and their daughters entire arm, which they say were never found. Even if the dog was eating them, clearly there would have been remains that would have clued law enforcement in on that. With David's missing right hand, how then could they possibly say, he wrote that on the wall. There was also an untapped bag of dog food, any dog would have shredded that bag if hungry. This was a very methodical and maniacal act of violence. Sick.

  • Jon Friteford (Tuesday, January 02 18 04:16 pm EST)

    STAGED MURDER/SUICIDE.. They were Sacrificed.

  • Mariah (Wednesday, January 03 18 02:06 am EST)

    I must say, after watching the Netflix movie, I am thinking many things.
    First off, I do believe that Komel was looking her mind, the recordings of things she was seeing, heard and saying is proof of that.

    The Allah akbar and Muslim book doesn't make any sense, because they weren't Muslims, at least not in the radical way of writing the things he supposedly wrote. Maybe they were converting back? Who knows.

    What I don't get is how both Dans, the brother and the dad, seemed to care about David, Komel and Rani but how could they let the holidays go by and not force themselves in to see their brother/son?

    I wonder if the blinds were opened when the dog jumped to the window when the neighbor knocked on the door, or if the blinds were open the entire time they were dead. The window is right next to the front door. How do you drop off gifts and not peek in if you know your brother or loved one has been acting funny and is avoiding everyone?

    And then for Dan to start a go fund me for millions of dollars, then post Las Vegas selfies, a selfie of the guys who supposedly loved and were close to David after he died, none looked sad or in mourning.

    Why was this case not sent to the FBI? Because the FBI only gets involved if there looks like foul play or terrorism.

    I wish we could have access to all the recordings, the real unedited journal entries, pictures, etc.

    This gruesome murder of this family was planned. Whether it was twisted family, money hungry Gray state workers, or husband and wife who went crazy.. it was planned.

    My husband thinks without a doubt David killed his family and then himself. But what about Komel? She was the one on recording saying "something was pulling her that wasn't from this world and she wanted to take David and Rani with her." Maybe she convinced David to kill them all.

    The brother didn't show too much emotion on the documentary like movie. I'm a psychology student so maybe I'm trying to look too deep into this story.

    There is much more to this story than what the public knows and what is available to us.

    I still cant believe you would want to take home a dog that had eaten human flesh, if he in fact did. And yes, he could have gotten food and water from A number of things, so why weren't all of these strange questions answered by detectives or people on the scene?

    There's so much I want to say and investigate. Just had to comment something after reading this post and the comments.

    Rest In Peace. It's a shame David and Komel seemed to unravel while trying to make this film. It would have been great.

  • Tiny Molinari (Wednesday, January 03 18 01:16 pm EST)

    Cutting off the hands is in the Quran as punishment for choosing to practice or believe in any other religion than muslim. Both hands.

    Now... about the missing right hand...
    That is punishment for stealing. Theft.. in both bible and quran....
    Which would be consistent with the storyline/history of the couple..... She is/was muslim, and her family is muslim...david (it seems from what I know)...that Crowley converted her...or so it appeared in the incredibly one sided odd story told on netflix....

    Some of these Muslims take offense..especially if your documenting their role in the "Globalist"... or NWO...scheme....
    Odd that I haven't seen that pointed out.

    There are/were... at least 2 people close to david...with definite motive. And the xmas packages outside... he hadnt heard from his brother in weeks...but doesnt look in the wide open window while walking by?..
    Bullshit. He definitely had SOMETHING to do with it... IMHO...
    Hr is the best suspect by fact....he admits to being at the crime scene around the time if deaths...
    That should have made him suspect from the jump.

  • Paul Gaynor (Wednesday, January 03 18 04:21 pm EST)

    This did not pass the smell test right off the bat. Creators seem fast to bank on the idea of PTSD and mental issues and not turn over more and more obvious stones. Nothing pointed to him killing his family... oh..... and why is not out there about the missing hand/hands/arms? That seems kind of HUGE to me. Too much unanswered and not enough true investigation IMO.

  • Oz (Wednesday, January 03 18 09:30 pm EST)

    This sorry piece of s*** mother f***** deserve to rot in hell after killing his wife and child what a sorry piece of f****** s*** I can't believe anybody else or saying anything other than he was a stupid sorry ass piece of s*** mother f***** that deserves to rot in hell two people who could have grown up and Ben a productive member of society but instead they were under the f****** ruling of this piece of s*** mother f*****

  • mresaus (Thursday, January 04 18 07:47 am EST)

    Think this is all djust bs.
    Acted out by acctors probly stil alive. Greate pr stunt to make the media do all the pr for youre crappy, fals docky Movie. Do not belive one part off this to the time i see some real official police documentation from the crime.

  • TheCanadian (Thursday, January 04 18 05:48 pm EST)

    I feel emphatically moved by this tragedy. I'd also like to know what James has to say.

  • Ariel (Thursday, January 04 18 05:52 pm EST)

    Why is this reported si gle gunshot to head??? Wife had two gunshots yo head and 6 cartridges found in total by police report???? Now tell me if he was military he would know how to kill first round why does the wife have two bullets to head??? Why celebrate christmas if you know your plans??? Why bother??? Seems a lot of of wasted energy if you are just going to end it??? Oh the list goes on!!!

  • Peanutbutter&jiggidyjam (Thursday, January 04 18 10:39 pm EST)

    Judging by all the friends and family. David not letting his wife's sister she her after driving Hours and hours man he was fucked up. I really believe he done it. If it comes out different I will be shocked. That poor Lil child. I can't stop thinking about that round going in her little skull. Awful

  • Rosie (Thursday, January 04 18 10:57 pm EST)

    Do you really want to know the ugly truth? THE WORLD would rather believe in conspiracies+miracles+demons+fairly tales creature rather than face MENTAL ISSUES. David had SEVERE PTSD, aggraveted by the stress and re-enactment of the violence. His wife, stood up to a PAKISTANI father (it's like sicilian for italians) and marry an american guy with no job, an overactive immagination and no prospects. Once she realized that he was not getting done, she tyed to leave and her father simply told her "you made the bed and you lye in it". She lost it. So, she started hearing voices telling her to die. This is the effect of WARS: on who's attacked, on those used like "caddles to be slaughter" , and those family who deal with the aftermath of what these atrocity do to people's mind.

  • Bill (Saturday, January 06 18 05:46 am EST)

    I say the fewer Muslims the better and Crowley was just a loser mental loss!

  • Killuminati (Sunday, January 07 18 10:51 am EST)

    Illuminati murk him. Fuck them. GOD OVER EVERYTHING

  • W. S. Y. (Monday, January 08 18 12:32 am EST)

    comntact me

  • Jutto (Tuesday, January 09 18 07:25 pm EST)

    Just watched the documentary. Those friends of his are not truthful. They are bad actors. Any available coroners reports and death certificates available?

  • E$ (Saturday, January 13 18 03:52 pm EST)

    I want to believe David did not commit the acts. For those of you who believe there is foul play; how do you explain the severe isolation that both David and Komel displayed? What about the odd comment by Komel that she must leave and take Rani and David? And the crazy video and recording taken close to the time they died? The journals?

    I do agree that there were dark forces in the house. But I am also extremely suspicious as the work David was doing was exactly what the powers that be will do anything to prevent happening. Could dark forces be placed upon their household? David was so passionate about the project. It does seem to me that after the trailer was made he was very overwhelmed with making the movie and things fell off the rails from there. But just wondering what you all were thinking about these question I had after watching... Thanks!

  • Cindy (Saturday, January 13 18 08:22 pm EST)

    Yes, questionable mental illness. Questionable ptsd. Still hard to believe he would kill his daughter.
    Fishy items:
    -It took a military man 2 shots to kill his wife.
    -Was David killed using his dominant hand? (Many Clinton suicides were non-dominant----would not really happen.)
    -Where are the missibg hands & arm? Leftover bone fragments? Are we to really believe this little dog consumed every drop & crumb? No blood dragged through house from dog? No bloody paw prints?
    - They were Christian. Why would he write Muslim on wall & have Quran open nearby?(to throw people off?)
    - Were his/her hands checked for gun powder residue? Even with missing hands, a shooter will have gun powder residue blow back onto their person. Was it checked? Was there any?(Without that, no one would tell me my son killed 3 people.)
    -Back slide door is ajar?
    -- Compare hand writing to David, brother, friends in movie?
    -3 wks: little or no water for dog?
    -Christmas, & his brother, parents----not putting much effort to contact them/see them/trade gifts/ see child?
    -When brother dropoed off gifts on front porch: he did not hear wildly barking dog (little food & water, dead owners----distressed dog). Did not see dead, motionless bodies through window?
    -Neighbors did not hear gun shots? Did a murderer use a silencer & then take it with them? (Why 4 counted bullet holes in victims & 6 shell casings on floor?)
    -Was the gun used David's? If not, where did it come from? What is the history of this gun?
    -Supposed conversations between neighbor & sister are strange.
    -Why did Dan start a go fund me for his brother's mother in law. (Did she or didn't she have insurance?) Why 6 million? Did he give the 8k to her? Why did he go to Vegas a few weeks after the go fund me account was closed?
    -What was the meaning behind brother's facebook comment about being a killer? Why deleted? What is meaning of brother's picture on facebook with the black hood? Whose shower curtain/curtain is that in the picture behind him? Why deleted?
    There seems to be definite darkness with David & wife over last few mths. This does not explain that have not been addressed or explained.
    Not only did trying to make the movie 'Gray State, put a red dot on his forehead, but by him making the comments on camera about things being done wrongly/bad, in the war; also made him a target. He questioned the actions of the government.
    Be diligent about justice & showing truth in this matter.

  • Pete (Tuesday, January 16 18 11:29 am EST)

    This was one of the most laziest documentary’s I’ve ever seen. Not one legitimate question asked about the crime scene or the behavior and actions of the people around this family both before and after this crime.

    Regardless of whatever happened this was such a tragedy.
    What a beautiful family.

  • Some Guy (Wednesday, January 17 18 11:12 am EST)

    I personally believed they both planned it. It's pretty blatantly obvious when she is talking about how she had a vision that they all need to leave and go "somewhere else" and that the daughter has to "come with". I think they both were mentally ill and no one intervened.

    Now, believe what you want, but my question is, who's the sick asshole who decided to use this tragedy to sell a movie to Netflix and get rich off of it all?

  • smoke and mirrors (Wednesday, January 17 18 03:06 pm EST)

    There's no question freemasons are behind the framing of this brilliant and courageous man who took a decisive stand against the powers that should not be. Anyone who understands symbolism knows that the freemasons covertly run all local police departments as evidenced by the occult symbols employed on their badges. you can clearly see the classic framing used as a political stunt to reinforce the official western narrative of muslim extremism to justify the war on terror which in turn was used against the victim's own family to alienate them from the real David they knew. The guy was far from perfect but to think he would kill his family and take his own life is beyond absurdity. Another warrior killed for speaking the truth. RIP Dave

  • Christina Guzman (Sunday, January 21 18 10:54 pm EST)

    I was convinced they had a pact. However, now after reading this Im not so sure. Very tragic. There were mental health issues. Im sure there were issues surrounding finances for them. So many questions...

  • Fairlycertain (Wednesday, January 24 18 08:37 pm EST)

    Smoke and mirrors-so let me get this straight... ALL small police departments are run by the Freemasons. So my husband has worked for 3 different departments with three different chiefs. All of whom were African American. So, that is a big fat negatory, right there. My husband is a Mason *cue spooky music* just wondering why he didn’t get promoted to chief since they are, on a, controlling the PD’s. Still waiting after almost 20 years for those Masonic perks to come rollin’ on through. Seems to me that the biggest perk is the free envelope he receives when he pays his membership dues. Score!

  • FORreals (Wednesday, January 24 18 08:41 pm EST)

    Super awesome “warrior” dudes do not isolate their spouse from their family.

  • watchingtheweasels (Saturday, January 27 18 12:34 am EST)

    From the police report:

    "As we got near to the living room I was able to see three bodies in the living room area, as had been previously described to me. The bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition. The bodies were all lying in close proximity to each other and were obviously deceased based on their advanced state of [decomposition]. I noted that two of the bodies were missing their heads..." (p 2 of 6).

    Let's see. Who beheads people in the name of "allah akbar"? What are there a lot of in Minneapolis? Does the Pakistani community have a lot of honor killings for leaving Islam? Did ISIS suggest targeting current and former military in their homes? Did a somali muslim police officer in Minneapolis shoot a pajama clad Australian woman in a crime that was hushed up?

    Let's not be deliberately blind about what's going on here.

  • Laila (Sunday, January 28 18 10:12 am EST)

    As I said before..ALL THISE BOYS WERE PART OF A ACTORS GUILD! There woulda been bloody paw prints everywhere! Police photos show limited amount of does a bullet hole magically appear after the cops left and friends entered? How were anyone even allowed near that house days after a triple homocide .. I honestly believe the whole thing is BS..there was pics of Kormel Mom and Dad ..for being “Muslim” her Mom was not wearing a berka..I don’t think they were that serious into Islam in the first place. I don’t think religion has much to do with this. Actually her father was also in the military . David’s preview “the gray state”..was actually too well put together for being done in a basement ..where did they get all that money for props etc..he even had the Apple Valley police in on his scenes.. my theory is that this was a staged event for the police to do practice runs on what to do and what not to many false flags the narrative being fake is played out right in front of your face . I listened to interview that Fernandez Jr did with neighbor Judy. For a woman who barely knew David..she had a answer for all kinds of personal stuff (scripted) The go fund me was very odd.. the fact that all those boys who talk trash to people who are questioning this are using the Justice for David fb page to post about their upcoming films being shown.. I was skeptical about a dig earring remains, but have been reading that they do..still does not prove where all the blood and paw prints are! And the fact the brother took that dog is beyond weird. I would think he woulda been used for forensics then put to sleep. I mean he did supposably eat dead people! Another weird thing..why would he leave gifts out in the open on the wet snowy ground? Also why would we just put a 14,000 check in a mailbox and not hand it to him personally? Yeah right we are just putting that much money in a mailbox! That seems a little risky. What if the postmaster woulda taken that thinking it was outgoing mail? A lot of smelly BS.. I think I am convinced that they are alive and well. The fact that group of boys were posting smiling pics right after the fact is weird. It’s also kinda funny the ties to Texas that they had. Always seemed to pop in with interviews with CIA ALEX Jones. Actors actors actors!

  • Laila rashidioun (Wednesday, January 31 18 06:02 pm EST)

    I am also calling BS on the alam family not having insurance ! THE FATHER WAS IN THE UNITED STATES MILITARY! Of course the branch was not noted. He speaks fluent Arabic (prob used in special operation ) so that is complete BS! They haven’t made a statement because how and why would you go on and make a false statement? No blood on the scene but a little splatter . NO PAW PRINTS! 3 blown off heads woulda been a blood pool. Why does that Judy Lady involve herself so much when she didn’t really know the family? The fact she goes out of her way to put comments on your page and take interviews is weird for an older lady to do even if she did supposably find bodies. She noticed a gun on the ground but not the writing on the wall? It was written huge! Oh please .. also in the reports when they interview the daughters teacher notice that they blocked out the daughters / mother and father names in that part of the report..Did they have another alias? I would like to see if Judy crazy looking lady House was recently paid in a lump sum. What is that Facebook page of hers saying Iran your not my friend? Looks like a lot of papganda to me.. Judy IRAN IS HAPPY TO NOT HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND! Sorry just can’t believe a crime scene that has a bunch of hair and minimal blood..even listening to the police tape ..the dispatcher doesn’t seem very serious about three bodies and a gun at a residence in Apple Valley. Why did the cops bother to get back on the news a year later to talk about the crazed conspericay killer? It’s to shut people up and try to prove that you go down a rabbit hole when you question what is really going on! Remeber these are your kids and grandkids who will suffer . We are Already witnessing a police state. Being in Florida hurricane Irma was a big eye opener. These are test runs! There was no reason for all the power in the whole damn state to be down.. you know who had power in my town during that hurricane? All the folks who lived on A1A on the beach in the million dollar homes ..cops staged at the end of all those streets. It’s already here folks! I think you should reread the police report Dan ..officer bone said David was missing his left hand after all through the report it said right. And look at the blacked out names when they interview the daughter teacher. Komels friend Angie also said she was disconnected from her daughter and didn’t want more kids. A lot of different bs point of views rolling around. I think we should be on the lookout if these folks are actually alive . Komel and her sister look exactly alike. I also wanna point out..Dan why would a grieving father contact a YouTube guy and answer questions? If I lost my son like that..unless I was screaming that he was murdered by some sort of conspericay ..there is no way I would talk to anyone! I would tell people to F off all day. I also said before who would let their family photos be used all around the internet ? I went on the FB page of Justice for David C and was booted off for saying something about masons FB profile a warning and everything..I almost think it’s time to get rid of FB..they have learned a lot about all us these past 10 plus years...

  • Joel Hickerson (Wednesday, January 31 18 10:38 pm EST)

    I didn't get to study this and read a lot but the biggest question that I have is was David a Muslim? His wife converted to Christianity. David was a conservative Christian. My first Suspect would have been someone from the wife's past who had motivation to kill her and them. This person could have been paid by the Government or set in motion. The whole Alla Akbar bs was something David would never have Done

  • Sean (Friday, February 09 18 11:28 pm EST)

    Hey, idiots. There won't be any bloody paw prints from the dog. Blood starts to coagulate immediately upon cessation of heartbeat. No heartbeat equals no blood flow. Dogs eats on the bodies and there is no blood to track around. Take it from a medical professional.

    By the way, two shits is standard practice. It's called a double tap. Good you conspiracy whackos are all the same.

  • Waylon (Wednesday, February 14 18 03:23 pm EST)

    Hey Dr. Sean, you’re so smart. No bloody dog prints proves it’s a murder/suicide, stick to being a “medical pro”. But I bet you’re right, most 25lb dogs are fully capable of completely consuming 3 adult human hands, a full juvenile arm, and portions of their heads, bones and all. Especially before the dog goes after the several large bags of dog food, or garbage, or anything else edible. Also it’s very common for dogs who are very close with their owners (which paleo and David were) to NOT consume their dead owners, even if their isn’t any food. Keep you’re close minded, ignorant statements between you and the other “medical pros”.

  • WyckedNite (Tuesday, February 20 18 01:16 am EST)

    Follow the evidence and the money, you get the motive.
    David Crowley didn't do this.
    DANIEL Crowley and Mason did this. Not a doubt in my mind.
    HERE are some things not very many seem to be paying attention to:
    1. 12/24/14, sometime between 1800 - 2100 hours, the neighbor across the street sees "David" in the front picture window. Was it David? Daniel & David are approximately the same height/weight. On Christmas Eve, this neighbor looks out his front window and sees "David" standing, facing him, as David stands in his own front window. Neighbor sees "David" turn and walk away from the window.
    2. Another neighbor states the Crowley's curtains are ALWAYS closed and yet, the curtains remain open when the family is being murdered??
    3.) Police report says the note, word for word, said, "Love you all with all of my heart." IF David had written that note as a goodbye to Komel & Ranya, he would NOT have said, "love you ALL." He would have said BOTH. Whomever DID write that note wrote it in an attempt to make people believe David wrote the note. As the writer was penning the note, he was thinking of the THREE people who lay dead (and didn't realize he'd used "all" rather than "both," as David would have had he been the one to write the note.) The misuse of the word is a Freudian Slip and also denotes guilt--so I'd say the one who wrote the note had feelings for ALL of the people he'd just killed (rather than BOTH the people he'd just killed, had it been David).
    *** One COULD hypothesize that David wrote it and was thinking of his parents & siblings. However, David & Komel had cut ties with David's family (see reports from detective's interviews w/David's siblings & emails the siblings provided).

  • WyckedNite (Tuesday, February 20 18 02:35 am EST)

    4. Report mentions a $14,000.00 check found in the mail from David's father. No mention of date check was written or any questioning of dad by detectives about why he would SNAIL MAIL 14 grand rather than use another method.
    * Could Brother Daniel have anger/hate/resentment toward David because Daddy always swooped in with money to save David? After all, if Daddy threw tens of thousands to David every time David messed up and needed money? There goes Daniel Junior's inheritance...Besides which, what if Daniel Jr. had asked for money but Daddy denied HIM whereas he didn't deny DAVID whenever DAVID needed it? (there's a bit of motive...)
    5. The cleaning crew found a bullet in a rug when they were cleaning that the detectives missed. Det. Bone had to return to the home to retrieve it and then wrote a supplement report for having done so.
    ***Of the reports written, Det. Bone had THE most detailed, meticulous, and exacting reports written in this entire case. He detailed inches, feet, directions, AND ALL calibers of weapons and ammunition found. Well, came to the bullet he retrieved from the cleaning crew. THAT is what we would calll a "red flag" because the detective changed his writing pattern. It's suspicious and SHOULD have been questioned by someone who read his reports every day. The only reason it would NOT be questioned? If his supervisor already KNEW why the caliber detail were left out of the supplement (ie: caliber was not the 40 cal that was used to kill the Crowleys).
    6. On some date between Christmas and being interviewed, a neighbor stated she'd seen that the back door was "partially open." She'd seen this from a distance. Then, the initial responding officer stated yes, the back door had been ajar but, by "less than an inch."
    * So, if the neighbor had been able to tell the back door was open but the responding officer had not been able to tell until he was close enough to see the 1/2 inch gap, SOMEone had to have come to the house to slide the back door closed sometime between when the neighbor had seen it and when officers responded. Who?
    7. In their interviews, many family & some acquaintances had the opinion that David totally controlled Komel. However, in the emails between Komel & David's sister, it is readily apparent from Komel's emails that she wasn't the least bit under David's control and, in fact, came across strong and opinionated and, even protective of David because he'd been repeatedly hurt by his family.
    So saying: painting David as a crazy, control freak who needed to kill his wife/child rather than allow them to leave or live on without him is utter B.S.
    Why cops didn't push harder in interviews with David's family? No clue. They HAD to have smelled something seriously fishy, even if they didn't have the physical evidence to prove it at the time...

  • WyckedNite (Tuesday, February 20 18 02:36 am EST)

    8. A family friend of Brother Danny calls Det. Bone because when the friend went into the Crowley's house after the cleaning crew was finished, he and Danny & Daniel Sr. all found ANOTHER bullet--in the ceiling this time. Det. Bone does another supplement where he provides a very detailed description of where the bullet was found, the trajectory of the bullet (from the living room into the ceiling above the front door), and how he retrieved it. What he DOESN'T do?? List the caliber of THIS bullet in his detailed supplement report. Again--TOTAL red flag since he is a detail-oriented report writer.
    *** What is also interesting is that, at the tail end of his supplementary investigation reports, right before he's wrapping up the investigation to close it, is a small paragraph of two or three sentences where he states that all of the bullets found in this case are "consistent" with the weapon used. In law enforcement, we know this as a "cover your ass statement" where you write SOMEthing but you don't provide details so you're not actually lying, just in case, somewhere down the road, new evidence/testimony comes out that contradicts that CYA statement you made at the end of your report. (shame, shame, Bone...).
    ***Last thing on this--Bone states the bullet in the ceiling near the door looks to have been fired from a low point in the living room. Who was firing from a low position and aiming high? This sounds like David (or Komel) was crouching or laying down behind furniture and fired at someone across the room who was standing.
    9. Supplement report by Det. Bone written on 02/12/15 states he received the detailed bank info on the Crowley's account with Wells Fargo. In his supplement, Bone states there was money in their account but they had been siphoning money from savings from July 2014 through JANUARY 2015.
    ***Since the Crowleys were DEAD in January, I'm interested in who was withdrawing money from their account in January. Bone's report is lacking in that detail.
    *** Notice as time goes on and Bone isn't getting info that adds up to a Murder-Suicide, his reports get decidedly LESS detailed, informative, or meticulous. Again--hello! Red flags getting thrown up EVERYwhere!!!
    10. In the report of Danny Mason's interview, he states he'd been asked TWICE to sign the document releasing any rights he had to The Gray State. The 2nd time was in an email dated 7th December 2014. He never signed the document--he delayed doing so by telling David he had to consult with a lawyer first. Two days later, David posts on FB that he's giving it all away--which would totally cut Mason out of any profits.
    ** Did anyone ever ask Mason who his lawyer was and/or contact the lawyer to see if Mason ever consulted him over the document David had sent him in October and then again in December?
    ** Closer to the assumed date of death, David makes more posts about when he would upload Gray State for free viewing. Could Mason seeing these posts and panic he would feel at the possible loss of millions have contributed to him committing the murders in December--BEFORE David could give away all that money that Mason believed he was entitled to?
    David's brother Danny was friends with Mason. Did Mason complain to Danny? Could this have happened around the time Danny learned his dad had just sent David 14 grand? In their mutual bitch-fest, did they come up with a plan to off David and then BOTH could get what they wanted??
    *** There were never any mention of retrieving or matching up phone records for Danny or Mason. Why not? That would have been ROUTINE for ANY homicide investigator...
    ** Danny Mason later became a "co-producer" for Gray State. It would be interesting to see when contract negotiations began (in January or February 2015??) and when the actual contracts were signed. Oh, and how much lovely green he received for starring and co-producing, too...

  • WyckedNite (Tuesday, February 20 18 02:37 am EST)

    11. Danny (supposedly) dropped presents off somewhere between the 26th to the 28th of December (depending upon which statement he made and to whom he made it).
    * The driveway of the house is at the west end of the house. The picture window into the living room is in between the driveway and the front door. In order to GET to the front door, you have to walk past the picture window. You know--the window the neighbors looked into and plainly saw the dead bodies spread about on the living room floor? Yeah, that would be the window Danny had to have walked past in order to lay those presents down.
    ** Aside from which, who among you is a sibling and IS NOT nosy enough to look through your siblings front window if they don't come to the door when you come over?? None of you, that's who. We are ALL just that nosy when it comes to family because we believe we have a RIGHT to be that nosy, even if we aren't getting along with them at the time.
    So there's no way in HELL Danny didn't peek into that window. Unless...he had no NEED to peek because he already knew what he'd see.
    ** It is ALSO quite possible he needed to go by the house to pick up some incriminating evidence, close the back door better, empty the outside trash cans, etc., and bringing over those presents was the perfect cover if a neighbor happened to see him and say something to him or, see him and later tell the police they saw Danny when he dropped off the presents.

    From the pictures:
    a.) Pic #31--outside trash cans. Both dry and clean. No mention in any report of when trash was last picked up. Odd that the trash cans were THAT clean. They both looked to have been recently sprayed out/cleaned. One would expect that kind of clean trash can from someone who was an OCD neat freak. The rest of the outside of the house and the inside show that neither Crowley was a neat freak. So this by itself is suspicious...
    ** Also, pic #106 inside trash cans are both almost full
    Pic of coffee maker in the kitchen shows pot is 1/4 full of coffee. So either they were late night coffee drinkers or they were killed after breakfast?
    Not many (if any) presents under the tree. Why/Why not? Opened presents found in house? No wrapping paper found in garbage cans in kitchen. Maybe in another trash can? **Could go toward timing of deaths if opened presents found.
    Okay. I could go on pointing out more but I'll stop here. I didn't want to comment on points others made (ie: allahu akbar, etc). I just wanted to give anyone who may still be looking into this case some more items to look into that I didn't see mentioned by anyone else.
    Good luck in the Hunt for Justice!

  • WyckedNite (Tuesday, February 20 18 03:36 am EST)

    PS: I was reading over what I'd written and realized I'd forgotten to add part of Mason's motive/involvement:
    The second note--the hand-written one on the steno pad that said to look at "The Rise"? I don't know if Danny or Mason wrote out the note but, I DO believe the content of the note was Mason's idea.
    In coming up with different ideas to throw suspicion on anyone other than them (the ones who actually committed the murders) I think Mason focused on ideas that related to the reason he came there to murder David in the first place--the documentary & the money he believed should be his from it. So Mason came up with writing a note that would grab the media's attention once news of the murders got out. He banked on the note being leaked since it was one of two notes left directly before the murders took place that gave any clues as to WHY the murders happened.
    Had the note not been included and had so-called "friends" of David's not kept mentioning the documentary to police and reporters? It is highly doubtful that the documentary would have done much more than collect dust in the evidence locker.
    Mason banked on the increased media coverage and sensationalism over the crime increasing interest in the documentary--causing the value of the documentary to skyrocket and almost guaranteeing producers would be willing to pay more to get their hands on it.

    So other than David's beneficiary that would (maybe) receive 50%, WHO is the only other living person with rights to the Gray State since he didn't sign away his rights??
    That's riiight...tell Mason what he's won! *Cha-ching, cha-ching!!*

    The timing of the murders was just SO convenient for Mason, yeah?

  • loladidit (Saturday, March 03 18 02:40 pm EST)

    A toilet will continually replenish water unless the water supply is cut off. So, the dog would have never been out of water.

  • rachel (Sunday, March 18 18 11:45 am EDT)

    Media silence on this story has been deafening. Certain it was a hit carried out on Christmas Day as a satanic sacrifice. All staged with the message in wife's blood. the See I A are experts

  • Tony (Thursday, March 29 18 09:06 pm EDT)

    People are absolutely right nowadays people just leave presence on the porch.. and why would you wait until after you drop off presents to try to make contact with your family.. makes no sense .. another thing his friends didn’t seem to be too shook it up about the situation ..well not all of them.. another thing is driveway and sidewalk around the house was shoveled .. david’s family refused to give any type of statement that’s weird .. I think this has a lot to do with jealousy religion and money ? and family..Money can Turn people pretty ugly

  • Helen (Sunday, April 08 18 01:06 pm EDT)

    After watching the documentary I think if he turned down the $30 mil because he wouldn't have control of the movie, and being a control freak that would be very important to him, he found himself in a dire situation of having made such a promotion of this movie and owing people for money already spent, he, being the control freak, couldn't handle the pressure of it all(no job, a family to care for, etc.) as well as, by this time, taken over control of his wife too, he decided to end it all. Maybe I missed something here, but, in the documentary, near the end, it shows them taking the storyline about the movie off the wall and both of them seeming to be in high spirits about it, almost like they've cleared their conscience and have already made the decision to end it all. Also, the Allah Akbar writing, I know from experience, for example, when I stand on a couch to hang a picture, the couch tends to sink a little. This writing is way to high for Komel to be able to reach as high as some of those letters are written so I think that David wrote them, possibly in anguish and guilt after killing his wife who had left her religion for christianity(hence the Quran on the floor). And as far as the dog is concerned, the toilet bowl will replenish it's self and possibly the dog didn't wander around the house that much until after the blood had congealed. The friends and family are all a little strange but I don't think there is any wrong doing there. As with all the other commenters here I thought I would add my 2 cent theory. Very sad story indeed, may they finally rest in peace.

  • Guenady (Sunday, May 13 18 04:50 am EDT)

    Wyckednite : Thank You for some seriously useful comments. Clearly, thé official story IS once again not thé Truth. Thé level of clinging to it, détermination not to look at inconsistancies, speaks to me of à délibérate decision, from higher up thé chain of authority. At That level, why would they Care to cover up an honor Killing or à jealous Brother and à greedy partner. Unless all this uncertainty helps to keep thé Truth unknown. So, I think thé motivé IS to bé deduced from thé Work David was doing. Thé only Justice these people are likely to get will bé thé understanding WE CAN arrive at of thé Truth. Moral : Keep safe if You Stick your neck out.

  • Kid (Tuesday, May 15 18 08:25 am EDT)

    Maybe the back slider was left open for the dog on purpose? Maybe he wanted the dog to be able to get outside? And there was snow on the ground that could have been a water source for the dog?

  • Sue Reynolds (Thursday, May 31 18 10:22 pm EDT)

    I’ve watched a grey state. 1.
    who cleared the snow off the driveway and the walk space ?
    They didn’t want footprints. 2.
    You would have seen ripping from the dog eating on them ! 3.
    Why would the back door be opened in the dreadfully cold weather ! I could go on an on !

  • duane aho (Tuesday, June 12 18 11:56 pm EDT)

    A toilet never totally empties as long as you have you water turned on. You make claims that are bullshit and don't hold up to even the most basic fact check. fucking Alex Jones wanna be.

  • Sue Reynolds (Sunday, June 17 18 07:43 pm EDT)

    I’ve had time to think about , the dog would not eat on decaying bodies ! My vet said they would get sick ! Now that doesn’t mean that the dog didn’t eat on them b4 they were decayed !

  • Bella BERENICE (Monday, June 18 18 01:59 pm EDT)

    Sean Wright had an extensive criminal background. If you provide your email address I will email you a report with his convictions.

  • Sue Reynolds (Monday, July 30 18 06:59 pm EDT)

    There sure were a few things that were deleted on David’s Facebook.

  • Debbie (Thursday, October 25 18 11:55 am EDT)

    This may be mentioned elsewhere but I have not seen so far.
    There appears to have been a significant struggle in the MB. Blood in the bathroom sink is ignored. Dresser where MJ is found is too pristine compared to dusty surfaces on nightstand. Just above nightstand on the wall next to the bed frame is a hand print. You can see in #15 of MB photos. In line with the black line scrapped across the wall towards the righthand window where the head board marred the wall. Folded clothes scattered were most likely on bed or in chair next to bed/closet. Looks like a squirmish.

    The entire timeline can be found from the MBP and both iPhones. Especially from the TextEdit note left on the MBP. Full forensic analysis of the MBP would tell exactly when the application was open and created/edited. I believe you will find all the answers on the MBP. Or a combination of forensic analysis of MBP and iPhones. Try to obtain the actual forensic report from the Dakota County CS Task Force. They either withheld the time/dates or they didn't do a true forensic analysis. Huge insight would be available through this data. And the data should be there unless someone tampered.

    The bloody key prints on the MBP could be hot key commands. A used to "select all" or in combination with "Command" key opens an application. You wouldn't know without forensic analysis. But DCCSTF does know.

    Lack of a bullet attributed to David may be part of the two bullets to Komel. One through David and then through Komel. I'm not a ballistics expert just not sure if anyone has thought about this angle. That David was protecting Komel and stood in the way before a bullet exited and caught Komel.

    Paleo was left on purpose to destroy evidence and the scene.

    In peace,

  • Debbie (Thursday, October 25 18 12:06 pm EDT)

    Forgot to mention the scarf in the living room. Fernandez Jr. recently mentioned Komel's bloody scarf was not collected as evidence.

    I don't believe this was Komel's scarf. It looks exactly like the black/white scarf Mason used as a prop in the winter scene - one of the opening scenes in Neil's documentary "A Gray State".

    I also saw a scene with a similar scarf that David was wearing but it was tan and black - same pattern - while he is in front of his computer making sound tracks.

    I never saw a scarf like that on Komel in any footage. It's too big. Made for a man. Used as props.

    Makes me sick Mason wore one like that.

    In Peace,

  • Ramrod (Tuesday, October 30 18 09:59 am EDT)

    It pains me to see a bunch of people who didn't know David slinging mud on him. Ya'll have no idea. He didn't do this.

  • What Ever (Saturday, December 01 18 03:33 pm EST)

    Sounds to me like he is as bat shit crazy as Jones and the repugnant republican pieces of shit.

  • Jim (Wednesday, December 05 18 04:06 am EST)

    They were all murdered because he was exposing the REAL TRUTH. No matter what people say or write, there is no doubt in my mind about why they were murdered or who may have murdered them.

  • Gina (Thursday, December 13 18 02:50 pm EST)

    Folie à deux- Shared psychotic process and I strongly believe it was exacerbated by their isolation. He didn't snap- THEY snapped

  • Gina (Thursday, December 13 18 02:52 pm EST)

    Folie imposée is where a dominant person (known as the 'primary', 'inducer' or 'principal') initially forms a delusional belief during a psychotic episode and imposes it on another person or persons (known as the 'secondary', 'acceptor' or 'associate') with the assumption that the secondary person might not have become deluded if left to his or her own devices. If the parties are admitted to hospital separately, then the delusions in the person with the induced beliefs usually resolve without the need of medication.

  • Sheeple_no_more (Thursday, December 13 18 11:43 pm EST)

    Wow Gina that sounds like a pop quiz from FBI/CIA training! It's clear to me that the police are either keystone cops or they are in the good ole boy network...... and being THAT ignorant or incapable of proper investigation training doesnt seem plausable. Especially considering their lack of interest.

  • Joe Blow (Sunday, December 23 18 10:27 pm EST)

    The investigators saw it as a murder-suicide for a reason. All the speculation by people who have no idea, is ridiculous. No one knows what happened, except the person who did it, and he's dead. Move on. Plenty of guys have killed their wife and child. This is nothing new.

  • Kathy Godin (Wednesday, December 26 18 05:49 pm EST)

    First of all, there would not be pools of blood for the dog to walk through. Shots to the head are an immediate death. The brain ceases to work, thus stopping the heart from pumping, therefore no blood. There would be back spray from the heads on the walls or furniture in a murder/suicide. If back spray from heads is on floor, that's an execution. NOBODY lays on the ground to commit suicide. Also, if he did kill his family, it's a pretty well-known fact, husbands kill family members with them in a comfortable position. He also would have killed the dog. Yes, he would have been covered with GSW. No way to fake that. The dog would be eating the top layer of skin, no blood involved because bleeding ceased at death. If he licked the head wounds, again not covered in blood as those wounds would be on the floor under the head. Dog was taken care of or had toilet water. They can go easily a month without eating, but wouldn't be feisty. The Koran would NEVER be defaced by anyone who followed it. The blood on the wall is meant to be misleading. And a brother that close who doesn't knock on the door to deliver presents is bullshit, not to mention it's winter. It snows. They would have been ruined. An acquaintance might ring the bell, if no answer, leave them, not a brother. What type bullet did they find in the bodies? Where the gun landed, should have been photographed. Everything would have been photographed and videotaped. Forensics would have filed a complete report. Did everyone die the same day? Coroner's report. I have distanced myself from unhealthy family members and friends. You have to. PTSD, he had a lot of friends, family, someone would have seen it. And isn't it immediate, not showing up years later? Just because a couple who married after six weeks isn't talking, doesn't surprise me. The brother has a lot of explaining to do, a lot. There was a disagreement, probably thinking he would get part of the $30M. Then when David turned it down, it was a moment of rage toward his brother and he can't leave any witnesses. Back door open. Any family, and there's no longer a prying mother, needs to be all over this and hire a lawyer to get all the discovery documents. Something is wrong here. Maybe because of the film, his family is being threatened, which would cause his withdrawal having his dreams destroyed. Again, there would be phone records in discovery. ANYONE but no one called the cops to do a wellness check, which must be done if requested. Why didn't anyone do that? Come on family and friends, don't let them down anymore. And someone called the school, or they would have called. They don't want to lose tuition. Those are my thoughts, the daughter of a cop and ER nurse.

  • Sealey girl (Sunday, December 30 18 01:39 am EST)

    I do believe that he didnt do it just from the crime scene and proof. If hes Christian and ahe converted why would they read the Quran and weiting on the wall. Also said heads had been removed, hands. And 1 crime photo shows a huge bloody knife. This was made to look like a radical killing. I think this had something to do with his crew and money. He was cutting them all out having them sign over rights to it. Or if not that then he got way to close to something big and GOVERNMENT knocked them off. He was planning for the new year with selling movie and moving on. I think they cut off contact because of movie. He was going in different direction and noone was wanting that. So he dealt with them through attorneys and emails. He didnt know who to trust. They could have known they were in danger and was the reasoning behind cutting everyone off. I do believe alot of these conspiracies. To think our GOVERNMENT wasnt behind 9/11 and Sandy Hook is crazy. If you do the research it's in your face. To many unanswered questions. If they had converted back to Islam then why celebrate Christmas. It's a Christian holiday. I have been doing alot of RESEARCH on these matters last 10 years and just seems when someone is on to something or close to it they either die in accident or suicide or disappear. Look at the long list following Clinton's. They have a list if iver 20 dead bodies who were either testifying agaisnt them, have gave statements or just knew to much

  • Newport 704 (Monday, December 31 18 07:46 pm EST)

    My parents built that house back in the mid 60's. I remember going to it when it was still just a frame. We only lived there a couple of years, before my parents divorced, but the memories that I had were happy. Knowing that this happened, regardless of how/why makes me physically ill. I hope they find the perpetrators and solve whatever happened. RIP, especially to the little girl.

  • UDontneed2 Know (Saturday, January 19 19 03:17 am EST)

    You can make up all the conspiracy theories you want about this case. The authorities got it right. This was a narcissistic person who was also suffering from mental illness. When he knew he was losing control & wasn't going to entertain any compromise with anyone, he ended it and was much too selfish to allow his isolated 85 pound wife (who was basically brainwashed) and his little girl to maybe go on and have a "normal" life. Komel was an intelligent & educated women but suffered domestic violence including isolation & manipulation. Had she had the chance to live, she likely would have done just fine. The only difference between him and Chris Watts was that he put a bullet in his own head & the rest of us don't have to pay to house and feed him for the rest of his sorry life like we have to with Watts. Rest in peace to all the victims of these selfish individuals, especially the children.

  • M.A.C. (Thursday, January 31 19 12:45 am EST)

    Extremely convoluted case to dechypher. It's not uncommon for that to be used as a tactic to conceal the reality of what occurred.

    The blood writing seems a diversion, although could be a diversion invented by David and his wife to save face,or by outsider killer(s).

    I would be willing to accept that the both spiraled into madness and made a suicide pact.

    However, the brother's odd behaviors, fixation on wife and child, clearly some jealousy. He also did not seem upset. His deleted posts, failure to aggressively check in, and anger over 30 million project are all pointing straight at him.

    The Vegas pics, the sketchy gofundme, the hood pic, he does seem quite suspicious.

    The most suspicious aspect is the death of the mother. Impossibly coincidental. Mothers often know when their son has done something. This again points to weird jealous uncle Danny.

    Was the journal type written? Could easily be forged if so. Now this gets strange but the timing of the Hollywood deal cannot be coincidental.

    So all this being said, I prupose 2 scenarios, 1 he insists on directing the film Hollywood rejects this, and so his crew is infuriated and killed them all.

    2: Uncle Sam may have employee them disgruntled crew as hired guns. I know it sounds outlandish, but they've done it before.

    Simply put, the enemy of your enemy, is your friend. So you team up with hostil group, they do the dirty work, anybody get suspicious then you pin the blame on the hired guns.

    So this is were I come out, the blood/Kuuran was simply a diversion regardless of who wrote it. I find any suicide pact the least likely scenario, no matter how dark and spooky it became, they had all sorts of alternatives.

    The military conspiracy theories seems a bit stretched;However, the timing and motive is spot on plus the diversionary/red hearings is their style.

    Most probable I'd say, is the grey state crew, being angry that David blew a 30 million dollar deal. They spiraled into darkness under death threats and stress, and the bro showed up Christmas Eve and killed them all.

    Oh, and the illuminate may have just put a hex on him resulting in this nightmare.

  • TracyBig (Thursday, January 31 19 06:20 pm EST)

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  • ThatGuy1973 (Friday, February 22 19 08:59 pm EST)

    To everyone commenting on the heads being removed..
    They were not removed, they were partially gone. With David the face area was gone, back of the head and some of the top were left..
    The hands WERE completely gone. Not being chewed off, but more like cut off, very chewing or teeth marks on skin surrounding the amputation points.

  • Lynne (Sunday, February 24 19 05:30 pm EST)

    Did no one hear the 6 gunshots?

  • Linda Rudolph (Sunday, March 03 19 07:25 am EST)

    To Kathy G (and anyone else who cares): The heart does not stop beating when the brain dies. As a matter of fact, heart cells beat on their own, even individual heart cells. The heart stops when oxygen is finally depleted and there is no longer ATP produced to supply energy for muscle contraction (the heart is a muscle). Therefore, there would be, and actually WAS, quite a lot of blood at that scene. If you want to watch, Google "man commits suicide in front of people at news conference" and you'll see exactly how bloody a headshot can get.

  • L Rudolph (Sunday, March 03 19 07:29 am EST)

    PS: I think you need to hire an editor. The punctuation and grammar in the writing on The Ugly Truth website is pretty bad. Seriously, you'll have much more credibility if you proofread before publishing.

  • Karen Makara (Friday, March 22 19 11:23 am EDT)

    I'm 20 minutes in, watching "Gray State". I already this guy killing his family. He's obsessed with death and violence. Mom says "She really thinks about these things". NO SHE DOESN'T" These disgusting parents are showing her exactly this. Terrible, terrible people, David and Komel.

  • Donna White (Tuesday, March 26 19 11:04 pm EDT)

    Why was hair left in big lumps all over the floor and in different rooms there were pieces of hair if one bullet killed them?

  • Rev Eenotam (Wednesday, April 03 19 12:08 pm EDT)

    good work. You have all but lain them bare. Be wary of online "associates" wearing too many hats.

  • T (Sunday, April 07 19 10:01 am EDT)

    In the grey state documentary I noticed David was right handed when he fired his gun, on the note pad that read 'open the rise newest version' the blood marks are to the left of the lettering showing whoever wrote that is left handed and it wasn't just fingerprints as if whoever wrote that was holding the page while writing there was imprint of the side of a palm; left palm. As well I read that the gun was found to have prints of a left hand? when it clearly shows David firing/holding his gun right handed in the documentary.
    The arrangements of the bodies are to sporadic for it to be arranged murder suicide in my opinion.
    I believe if this is a murder whoever committed it is left handed combined with the motive from the brother of having a $30m deal turned down & Sean and his tax issue if either of them are left handed I believe that is how you find the murderer. There are clear fingerprints on the notepad I'm almost positive it'll match someone other than David or komel.
    Eitherway it is a tragic event no one should have to endure may they rest in peace.

  • Charlene Szarek (Tuesday, April 16 19 06:16 am EDT)

    I am praying to God that this is resolved and the family gets justice for what happened to them. I was hoping a private investigator would take this important job for a lesser fee,or free, since it's such a public and very important cause. Nevertheless I am donating to your cause. God bless you.

  • Gray state (Monday, June 10 19 09:39 pm EDT)

    One odd thing. Supposedly he dropped those presents off around Christmas but in the documentary he says he thought about going to talk to him on Christmas but then thought better of it and didnt stop by. But obviously he did because he dropped off the gifts. It's hard to remember a lie on the fly. David talks about not wanting to hurt people anymore after the war so he could he kill his own daughter. Makes no sense. He was a crazy narcissists and power and control freak obviously. It makes more sense that his brother or some of her family did it. Muslims are crazy. Sounds like an honor killing a little too but it could be staged. I just thought this Muslim dad was handling his daughter acting like this real well but her mother being on her death bed could of been the breaking point or the something between the brothers. Do we know if komal was ever unfaithful?? Why was David so nuts about her talking to people. That is the only real big red flag I see with him.

  • Carl Clark (Tuesday, June 18 19 03:27 pm EDT)

    It has happened here, an ex soldier supposedly killed his family in a murder suicide, but it was intelligence who did set the scene after the ex soldier was going to release material about abuses the army did in Iraq.

  • Matt (Thursday, July 18 19 03:33 pm EDT)

    Why wasn't there anything in this "documentary" about the mother of David? Not a single mention that I can recall. I could have missed it or spaced out, but I am pretty certain that there was nothing. And then she turns up dead soon after her son's death. I'm not going to act like I know what happened, but there is something really off about the documentary and this whole story.

  • random (Tuesday, September 17 19 06:03 pm EDT)

    That Quran book raises some interesting questions?

    Why so much blood?
    Was it used as a suppressor?
    Would a fanatic muslim do that?

    Was this page bookmarked, somehow?

    What are these pencil lines?
    They look like random children's drawings. If that is the case, then the book could have been left open in a "random" page. The book could have been opened "randomly", in the same page the kid used to draw. When you randomly open a used book, usually it doesn't really open in a random page. It tends to open in only a few of the hundreds of pages. It has to do with the construction and the previous usage of the book.
    Some scenarios:
    One of the grownups likes to read this page of the book (may or may not have this page bookmarked physically; for example, by bending the corners, or placing a piece of carbon or a string between the pages). The kid finds the book open. Or opens it "randomly". Because the book was very often opened in this page (or the page was physically bookmarked), the book opens "randomly" in this page. The kid draws some stuff. After the killing, the killer deliberately opens the book in the same page (because of the meaning this page has for the killer, or because the killer knows that one of the grownups (or the "other" grownup) was interested in this page).
    For whatever reason this book tends to open in this page. The kid opens it, and draws some stuff. After the killing, the killer opens it "randomly" (either to create confusion, or it is just that the book was thrown open in this "random" page).
    After the killing the killer opens the book and spends some time to draw some, what looks like, random lines. Note that the line continues from the page down to the side of the book. Also there are more lines drawn at the side.

    Regardless of the above... Which exactly are these two pages of the Quran? What meaning do muslims give to the content of these pages? Could that meaning be relevant to the whole story?

    My 2 cents.

  • Nick (Sunday, November 03 19 08:31 pm EST)

    The family were in financial difficulty, his other business had failed months before and he realised Grey State production was looking bad. His obsession with conspiracy, heavy drinking and cannabis use would impact on his state of mind. Komel had confided in her family about feelings of regret which points towards David’s bloody inscription on the wall, a cruel last shot at her Islam family. Komel told her father things aren’t good in her marriage. She may of told David she was leaving with the support of her family. David’s bloody bare footprints were found. I believe his family and everyone close to him had enough of the erratic behaviour and being pushed away so during the holidays they just couldn’t be bothered to visit unannounced. Sadly the story board for his film was like a metaphor for his demise. A beautiful little girl was murdered with her mother, this is heartbreaking.

  • RAy (Wednesday, December 04 19 08:00 am EST)

    I read every comment here. Wow.
    To the person who thought they were missing their heads. And went on a rant about beheadings. Look closer honey, they were missing their HANDS. The dog ate them. Oh and to the people wondering why their wasn't blood all over the dog when he ate them? The dog didn't eat the bodies on day one. He likely did it weeks after. Blood dries. Duh.
    There's no conspiracy here. 2 people with mental health issues died and took their child with them. That's it.

  • Susan Nelson (Monday, December 09 19 07:46 pm EST)

    "'The elephant in the room that hasn’t been addressed yet relates to the comment by a first responder on the scene, as heard on the police audio as saying “rear slider unlocked, and slightly ajar.” AVPD Captain John Bermel and lead investigator James Gummert have never brought this up publicly and to some it leads to speculation that it could be intentional in hopes the question “goes away”. This reason alone, one could argue, is the reason this case should not have been ruled a murder-suicide.'" I only briefly read the posts, but did not see any glaring responses to the elephant in the room. There are many of us in Apple Valley (an affluent and safe neighborhood) who leave the rear slider ajar, especially if we often use it with a pet in the home. There's no reason to argue that..."this reason alone... is the reason this case should not have been ruled a murder-suicide.'" Let their three memories be appreciated and fondly remembered after death and stop the conspiracy madness. They were troubled enough in life. Their troubled narratives and their families don't need your bullshit conjectures.

  • Jenn (Thursday, December 12 19 09:45 pm EST)

    If anyone is interested there is a video of the crime scene photos...

  • A concerned third party. (Friday, December 27 19 10:10 pm EST)

    Dogs are rarely known to eat their owners but it does happen on occasion. One would think the dog would first eat through the bag of dog food first, and/or "counter surf" for food as well as eat garbage. Toilets do NOT refill constantly. The tank in the back of the toilet will only refill the bowl when the stopper in the bottom of it is pulled, such as by the lever for flushing. Easy test: scoop the water from the bowl until there is none. You will see it does not replenish automatically. I don't know what to believe, just thought I should add some observations I have.

  • Dante (Monday, January 06 20 01:54 pm EST)

    Just wondering....David's head literally explodes from that bullet. So how come the ceiling is not splattered with blood at all, same as all the things around that room. And there was NOT even a lot of blood on the floor, around David's head. Plus if the dog runs around - why there is not any pawns prints around everywhere. I think...blood was this factor "they" - whoever did that - have to get a rid of, to get away without leaving any traces, messing the scene up by stepping on wrong place. Because there's no way for them to "control" how the blood and tissue spills around from such high energy impact, so one bad step, one trail left behind - and the job is screwed. For me it just looks like his head was covered by something, by some kind of hood, bag....just to avoid "unwanted and uncontrolled mess". I don't know - but in common sense something looks wrong there.

  • Ames Katz (Tuesday, January 21 20 09:45 pm EST)

    People never want to believe that a death could be so simple. This is when conspiracy theories are developed. Sorry but it really can be as simple as a man with massive ptsd/psychological problems post-deployment killed his family then himself. If he hadn't been making a movie, and had just been a regular guy, there wouldn't be any of this circus surrounding the deaths.

  • Garuchilla Joe (Thursday, January 23 20 05:34 am EST)

    If anyone thinks the government isnt into lunatic sociopathic behavior, research:
    Operation Paperclip
    The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
    Operation SUNSHINE
    Project Mockingbird
    The Franklin Cover up
    My parents taught us that if someone does something evil to you once, chances are high they will do evil to you again unless they are held accountable and punished. The us government is never held accountable. My guess, it appears to be Mossad. Why would I say that? I used to work for them. I dont know anything about this guy or the circumstances, crime scene, etc., but I DO know we used assasination style single shot frags to the head, typically back to front, and also, if "they" left the sliding door cracked open at the crime scene then I KNOW it was them. Thats standard procedure so we would be able to get in and out quickly.
    Always be wary of shootings that take place where the gunman(patsy) is conveniently killed so he can not be interrogated, or something like this: a lone nutjob murdered his family then himself. Bnai brith pitched the idea to do sweeps like that so it would utterly tarnish the targets reputation and thus, soil his/her work, research, etc. with the hopes of it being dismissed as gibberish, because "obviously he/she wss insane." Standard operating procedure for wet jobs involving targets that have high intellects and are considered dangerous because they figured everything out. The connection between the vatican, the frankists posing as jews, the high level freemasons, the elite devil worshippers posing as christians, and their criminal network which spans all across the globe.
    Crowley was murdered by goons hired by mossad. It was a 12 man crew 4 on the inside, 8 on watch.

  • Reeses Deezes (Thursday, April 16 20 06:18 am EDT)

    This man was obviously impacted by his service in Afganistan and Iraq. He married a non-devout muslim. He wasn't religious himself (right?) though his last moments have everything to do with religion. I looked at his handwriting from the photos in the house and the handwriting on the blood spattered note that was written clearly after the murder. The vowels are consistent and he appears to be the one who wrote it. I don't think it is Mossad or CIA or any kind of hit, because this guy is too small and the attention this event drew to his cause is the opposite of the proposed reason for having him killed in the first place. The page of the Quran that he leaves open is relevant to us as investigators as in this parable a devout man speaks to the prophet of the wickedness of his community and asks the prophet to save him from the wickedness of his community. The prophet says, we will save you and your family but not your wife, she will remain. *ground control we've just lost cabin pressure* "She will remain" in the documentary on netflix our guy is quoted saying this exact phrase during his wife's supposed hallucinations or visions. A non-religious couple who are into buddism/astral spiritualism or whatever the hell they were doing. They may have fooled the documentary team and their own family's into believing they were not religious but It's supremely clear this is not true. And the allah akbar written in his wife's blood is so sadly and unfortunately avoided by the documentary that it has driven me to help make some sense of it for anyone who is interested. It is such a disgrace how the documentay took such a non-religous stance on the events as they are recorded. Any time religion and religious symbolism is invoked in a murder, it provides a very very reproducible mindset of the person and their state of mind at the time of the killing. The reason it is reproducible is that many many humans have studied and lived by these same texts and symbols for hundreds of years and for some religions, thousands. Bi-polar and schizophrenia related delusions not withstanding, people have studied and worshiped the quran for a long long time and there is an answer to "why?" of this case and it lies in the Quran. I'm not saying "well maybe it's just HIS interpretation of the quran." I mean literally its written in the book for anyone to read. I am not an islamic scholar nor do I have any interest in becoming one. I do not have the answer but this is where it is. Good luck everyone.

    I do not care about his movie, or his politics. Crimes of the highest order are interesting to me and I have a particular interest in interrogations and deceptive behavior. I do not see any kind of a cover up here. I hope the families find peace their own way and can love one another as their own some day.

    This garuchilla guy above me is completely fucked. Absolute retarded non-sense ass. This fucking retard worked for Mossad... probably cleaned toilets.

  • Dawn Harris (Monday, April 20 20 06:37 pm EDT)

    I’ve only just read about this case but I have to say that I believe this murder has been Satanic in nature. I’m a Christian and I do believe that there are a lot incidences that point to this. Islam is Satans army. The movie states the name Gray State. Grays are the satanic demons who will be fighting us in end times. They won’t be dressed in black they will be actual demons. The triangle is Illuminati the mark of the Beast.( in the Trailer) The script would have brought a whole lot more information to the forefront. The film is basically telling Bible Revelation in the trailer. Satanic powers at the highest level would not want the world, especially if they are not Bible readers, to see any correlation, between the Bible and the Antichrist or to be forewarned. David basically signed his death warrant when he released the trailer. Fortunately they are all going to enter the kingdom of God and be saved. Satan has really lost this time.

  • Jackie (Wednesday, April 22 20 09:05 pm EDT)

    I think David Crowley and his family were murdered by evil people that felt threatened by him, he even said it himself that his movie was going to put people in jail..He is one of many murdered when trying to uncover the evils that exist in this world. I have faith Qanon will take down many of these people.

  • AnonymousExposer (Saturday, April 25 20 11:00 am EDT)

    I am an anonymous exposer and my IP well be logged but I am using a vpn, investigate Mason, and the author of this site.

    I will be leaking the tax information and also the murders name and who they work with.

    For David, Komel and Rani.

    Never forget.
    We are anonymous.
    The person who committed the assassinations you are going to be exposed soon.

    Expect us.

  • Heath Brady (Tuesday, April 28 20 02:59 pm EDT)

    If you were killing your whole family you would also kill the dog. No dog is a second rate family member to a dog owner. If you are killing your little girl then you are also killing the dog.
    Where’s proof that Henricks was even a close friend, seems like an attention seeking crisis actor to me. I wouldn’t let him in the house either .
    Too many wanna be’s coming out of the woodwork for their five minutes in front of the tv cameras, including hokey small town police officers ..the koran/allah akbar business seems so contrived, where’s the bloody footprints from the dog? Is the dog eating snow to survive after toilet bowls are empty.. .
    No, doesn’t sit right with me. Too many emotional conclusions drawn from little or no evidence.
    On one hand I don’t WANT to believe he did this, but it’s my gut and my intuition that tells me he didn’t ..not my mind.
    “Ruined by conspiracy theories and weed?” Sounds like a 1940s prohibition campaign slogan. How many dope smoking creative writer-types shoot their families? Not fucking many because they are good at expressing themselves and they are chilled TF out. Artistic people have an outlet to identify with what they are feeling that many other folks don’t have. That is not to be underestimated.

  • Obbop (Friday, May 01 20 10:25 am EDT)

    Minnesota is swarming with Moslem faithful eager to perform an honor-killing to defend the Faith by murdering that hated infidel responsible for the Muslima abandoning the faith that the Prophet (PBUH) revealed to humanity. The wife was murdered for casting aside the one, true faith. The child was an infidel thus not deserving of life.

    The extreme political correctness of too many Minnesota buffoons and traitor citizens in power positions within the legal and law enforcement systems ignores the horrors committed by Moslem barbarians. It was far easier and "safer" to blame the murdered male for killing all three occupants of that house.

  • Jerry Berinda (Monday, May 18 20 12:26 pm EDT)

    not to point fingers but Brother's statement on the Docu. he started he thought about stopping at his Bros. home but changed his mind,so how did the gifts end up on front door ?.

  • Sage1949 (Wednesday, May 27 20 07:37 am EDT)

    One thing that nobody brought up...David had made the film? He had actors in the film...I heard mention of props...Ok so someone had to be paying for this stuff. Maybe the actors needed to get paid or was promised to get the film will be free...Not sure...Sean/Dan egging each other on about Money..??? Possible....also Possible about he was going to expose crimes in Iraq that our military did...another excellent Point. As usual...its MONEY or EXPOSAAA silence. I'm not a detective so what do I know and I have not watched the documentary. I will now.

  • LindseyK (Wednesday, May 27 20 11:17 pm EDT)

    I have a few questions...
    It looks like the presents were moved from another photo shown after the first few photos were shown. Was the pen fingerprinted? Was the place even finger printed at all? Also something I haven't seen asked... how could the music be playing for that long? Wouldn't the computer die after awhile or go to screen saver mode? Another one, it is possible that David OR Komel could have done this ... I saw about 5 medication bottles on the counter in the kitchen. Could it possibly be that they got really messed up that night? Except other things do show that this was planned. Was the music playing when they were found? I read somewhere it was which I don't see how it could play for weeks on its own even if its plugged in? Someone had to of done something there. I also think it is possible that Komel wanted to leave and take the kid and go back to her family so David did it out of spite and wasn't going to let her leave. I also do not see the correlation with the mom if it really was a hate crime so to me, it points to David or the brother and/or crew.

  • SecretAgentRebellion (Tuesday, June 02 20 01:48 pm EDT)

    I just watched the documentary. What a confusing and haunting story. From listening to Komel talking during those last months, she seemed to be having a breakdown of sorts. It appeared to me that she was saying that something was wrong with her daughter and that every time she was around her daughter or talking with her she would hear an evil voice coming from somewhere near the daughter. There was one video David made of her telling the story of how she was talking to Rani and the evil voice came from above where Rani was. She said Rani didn't hear anything and that's when she called David in. Also, the strange video of Rani in the basement alone crying and David slowly opening the basement door and looking down at Rani, who in turn looked up the steps and kept crying. I think that Komel was seeing Rani as evil or possessed. Then we get to David recording Komel talking about how they all have to leave and there was nothing left there for them. Then she says she's glad Rani wasn't there to see this. I find it strange that he's recording everything that she says during those last days, as he's usually recording himself mostly as far as talking goes. He usually just takes pics of Komel. It's like he wanted everyone to know what was going on in that house. After her story about them needing to all leave and Rani not being there to see it all, he even goes to another room to attempt to analyze for us...or someone...what exactly Komel is talking about. But she interrupts him and comes into the room and says that she wants to lay with him. He tells her to come lie down and explain to him what she was saying so that he can understand. As for the Allahu akbar, it was said in the documentary that this is Komel's blood. I think she killed Rani when David wasn't looking. She heard the voices and killed the child. Then, in an effort to purge herself of evil, she may have started cutting on herself and reading the quran. She was born muslim, so I'm sure she still had a quran, even if she was christian. If you look at the quran, you can see that the blood on the ends of the pages is consistent with someone thumbing through pages, and also the blood at the tops of the pages is consistent with someone flipping pages with a finger. I think she went back to what she knew, what she grew up practicing, and was trying to repent. And after she read, she cut herself and wrote Allahu akbar on the wall. The hands that wrote that are small. David was pretty much 6 feet tall. I think that after he saw everything that happened, he was trying to figure out what to do and manage her at the same time. Meanwhile he was most surely slipping back into his dark place that he mentioned. I'm not sure if the police report says whose blood was all over the gun because I haven't read it yet. But I think she ended up killing herself. At that point I think he realized that all was lost. He knew he wouldn't be able to explain it to the police, and I think he killed himself. Or, Komel killed him and then killed herself. Either way, I think Rani died first and she died at the hands of her mother. Komel was mentally unstable, and this is probably why he didn't let her sister see her, because she was problem going through a bad spell. Because if she was in her right mind I can't imagine that she would knowingly turn her sister away after she drove almost 20 hours. What I don't understand is the sister just accepting David's rejection and turning around and driving back! I would have had the police do a welfare check. But Pakistanis don't involve police in their affairs. So maybe that's why. And whose blood is all over the cell phone? That would tell us a lot. I think that whoever's blood that is was the last one standing. And they listened to music on their phone while trying to figure out what to do. I could be wrong about some things. But I feel sure that Komel killed Rani. David didn't want more kids. And even he started saying weird things about Rani, like when the documentary showed the pics of Rani jumping on the trampoline in the rain and played the voiceover of David talking about how life persists, even when you don't want it to. Now that I think about it all, they probably planned together to kill Rani and then each other, who knows. But I think Komel's mental breakdown and her brainwashing David into believing something was evil about Rani was the catalyst for it all. I think if it was a break in the dog would have definitely been killed because it would have either tried to attack a stranger or would have barked profusely. And it doesn't make sense to me that some Muslims would come and do an honor killing after they'd been together for years, and that they would make it obvious by writing Allahu akbar and leaving a quran. Also, the quran is sacred to Muslims and any Muslim doing honor killings would not desecrate the quran like that, with blood all over it and pages torn out. They don't even believe in sitting the quran on the floor. And cutting off hands is for stealing, not for marrying a non-Muslim. And Muslims would not have killed the baby. I think they all died at different times and this is why the dog didn't starve to death or die of dehydration. And I think the last one to die, my guess is David, opened the blinds so that they would all be found.

  • Nimo (Monday, August 10 20 11:39 pm EDT)

    Computers only shut down or trigger screen saver if you have that option selected in the settings for the computer. Hence, it could very well still be playing several weeks later.

  • Mark (Monday, August 17 20 12:47 pm EDT)

    The clincher for me is that the separate 'excuses' are nuts when placed into context. So you are telling me a trapped dog eats his dead owners IN IDENTICAL fashion to Islamic punishment? In a house where a Muslim has renounced Islam and married a Christian? Then THAT devout Christian kills his family, leaves a bloody Quoron open to the situational punishment verses and scrawls Allah Akbar in the dead non-believer's blood on the wall. All of this because the guy got a 30 million dollar offer on his life's work? Oh yeah, if I had a nickle for every time I got a 30 million dollar proposal that sent me into a depression...

  • Mark (Monday, August 17 20 01:34 pm EDT)

    Oh, and the family was murdered on Christmas...with Allah Akbar scrawled on the wall in blood. Nothing to see here. " I am shocked that there is gambling in the Casablanca Club. "

  • Ryan (Wednesday, August 19 20 05:29 pm EDT)

    I agree with obbop. Most likely was Muslims murdering ‘non believers’, what a surprise.
    The makers of the documentary definitely pushed a narrative. The ‘family and friends‘ seemed very disingenuous with regards to the light they painted David. From the female ‘friends’ of Komel, to the big shot journalist ( I believe) and the little buzz cut man who has the amphetamine slur sideways jaw.

  • AnnaManna (Friday, August 28 20 11:49 pm EDT)

    I am confused about the dog as well for several reasons. If the back slider was slightly ajar, unless it was frozen a starving dog deprived of water would almost certainly having worked his way out of that door over such a long period of time. I’ve seen dogs do some remarkable things when they are well fed and just playing around. I also think it’s a little creepy that his brother has the dog now. I couldn’t bear to even look at an animal that had eaten parts off of my family. I’m not blaming the dog, it was fighting to live, I just could not do it. Maybe it wasn’t a murder/suicide, but the diary and tapes are WAY too bizarre to rule it out IMO. This is just so sad. That poor little child babbling on about blood and being killed. No 5 year old should have such shit rolling around in her head. This whole story breaks my heart.

  • BillUSA (Thursday, September 03 20 01:05 am EDT)

    PTSD. Control freak. Family destroyer.

    Awfully difficult to make a case for any possibility other than what the police have concluded.

    I have questions that aren’t answered which I’m sure many others have. Going unanswered makes for some interesting conspiracy theories, but I’m one of those who prefer the simpler explanations.

  • Brian crawford (Wednesday, September 16 20 09:04 am EDT)

    This was a canine felony.

  • Elijah (Wednesday, November 18 20 09:10 am EST)

    Is nobody going to comment on how Judy Prochnow supposedly spoke on here? Or someone that typed in her name as their user. If this was truly Judy, then something is pretty clear.
    David Crowley was obviously murdered along with his family. There was no suicide involved. Somebody had the motives to attack him, but for some reason the police seem to be covering up the case. Why would they cover the case and not look any deeper? It's all.. suspicious.
    As if we all knew more, and weren't implying so.

  • XmasDaywasaninsidejobdope (Wednesday, November 18 20 09:48 pm EST)

    This site is a joke. Bad grammar. Pathetic.

  • Lindylou1234 (Monday, November 23 20 01:08 pm EST)

    If they were killed around Christmas why is there a newspaper dated January 2?

  • MD (Saturday, November 28 20 04:09 pm EST)

    You need to take this down. It's absolutely disrespectful to aimlessly accuse a family member of murdering their brother and his family based on - really - nothing but your wild imagination. Not to mention libelous.

    And the dog? That's one of your big gotchas? Humans are composed of almost 80% water. If the dog ate pieces of them, the dog got water. Not to mention you even pointed it out yourself that that sliding glass door was left open.

    Seriously, you should be ashamed of yourself for accusing a family member who lost his brother of murdering them based on nothing but your imagination and boredom.

  • Seydi (Saturday, January 02 21 10:20 am EST)

    When looking at the Gray State official concept trailer, I’m anything but surprised something catastrophic did occur. This two and a half minute clip is terrifically accurate.

    In the first minute, from 00:30 – 1:00, we see the implementation of the RFID implant chip (RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification), and the necessity to have one to make purchases. At the local supermarket for example. Quite something for a 2012 trailer!

    Indeed, as we are speaking, and in the decades that lie ahead, this technology is being rolled out.

    Government Technology, a well respected magazine on anything related to government and technology, indicates that this will be the ‘next big privacy debate’: wether or not it is ethical to have this type of chip embedded into a healthy human body (

    USA Today signals something similar in the article “You will get chipped — eventually” (

    At this very moment there are already several thousand people in Sweden, Germany and the UK that have this Rfid chip implanted into their hand. “Have you been chipped yet?” would be the next big question of the near future.

    There already is something of a necessity for such an implant. When you need to access online banking, to pay rent or anything else, you need to *have* something rather than just *know* something. Earlier on, simply knowing your username and password would be sufficient. By now, the bank likes to call you or send an sms with an extra verification code. It’s called two-way authentication. Or, alternatively, you need to have an app installed on your phone that takes care of verification.

    Now, people are in the habit of regularly losing their smartphones. It happens all the time. Some lose them every month! Think about the problems this causes. People can not access their online banking anymore for financial transactions. Perhaps they work through a Remote server of Virtual machine professionally that requires a similar type of authentication. Losing their smartphone means they cannot do their work or make any financial transactions anymore. That’s very hazardous!

    Is there a solution for these problems? Certainly! Make sure users of these systems can’t lose their means of identification anymore. See there the sheer necessity of an Rfid implant. Impossible to lose!

    What distiguishes Gray State from other, similar, presentations is that it very accurately describes the introduction and implementation of this new technology at a very large scale.

    This would in effect make the introduction of this technology, say ten years after the release of the film, much more difficult. People would have an ‘Aha!’ moment when the rfid chip is being suggested to them. They will have seen it all before in Gray State.

    Yes, the deaths of David, Komel and Raniya Crowley should be regarded as highly suspicious, for these very reasons.

    To conclude with a quote from the New Yorker:
    “David believed that the documentary would establish a Gray State brand, which might one day include video games and combat games. To further the brand, he planned to make the documentary available free.” (April 10, 2017)

    P.s. Thank you WyckedNite for your comments. I think you're raising some very good questions.

  • Adam Danischewski (Monday, February 15 21 02:59 pm EST)

    Looks like he was targeted along with his family. His mother's death is probably a "tell". We need to wake up, Agent 711 ran Culper's for the British. Brits have used Freemasonry and intelligence agencies for over 400 years. GW was a British loyalist, his entire career were managed by the British. His best buddy was Benedict Arnold, he worked with Ben Franklin (another British Loyalist) and Alexander Hamilton (another British loyalist).

    Now that we are nearing the end of Pisces all are waking up, that's a why a subdivision of MI6 installed Trump 2016 unknown to the Queen, to her extreme anger. They wanted a nuclear option (MI6 released Covid-19 via Canada Qiu via Wuhan for these same reasons), because all their wrongdoing is being outed. French Revolution was done by Freemasons/intel (using their agents, controlling the press they used money to buy up all the food and create a hunger crisis). McKinley was a gold standard anti-freemason, he was assassinated. Thereafter they pushed through the Fed Reserve Act and within 1 year we were embroiled in WWI.

    WWII we were supposedly the "armorers of democracy", then Pearl Harbor was allowed, we were supposedly "lending" under lend-lease British military equipment. The British embroiled us in WWII to save their weak sorry asses. Then utilized their agents to discharge the debts incurred. Deadbeats.

    Before the civil war in the 1830's and 1840's anti-freemasonry were getting strong support, the civil were designed and deployed shortly thereafter.

    Tabacco, an Americana icon/staple - was destroyed. They added cancer causing agents to the glue and skyrocketed the taxes while everyone died like no one could figure it out.

    American rock and roll, Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly and Big Bopper were killed

    Train derailments are routine and seldom reported. Mostly done by Mossad, Israel is their other puppet state (US, Israel, Canada, Australia).

    MI6 controls the CIA, CIA did 9/11, CIA controls the media (CNN/CBS/ABC especially) many anchors are on the CIA payroll, CIA rigged the 2020 presidential election. The reason why the CIA seem to do such a sloppy job is because Britain wants them in the crosshairs under pressure, weak.

    They want all they seek to control from their tiny crap country weak and downtrodden. That's why the Flouride water supply, Glyphosate frankencrops, harmful EMF pollution, cadmium residue (from vehicles - electric cars were out a long time ago). Mass incarceration (some of the best ppl should we have the highest incarceration rate?), destruction of cities (redline Detroit, never rebuilt it). The British are guilt of crimes against humanity, mass rapes by American and Russian soldiers - never investigated.

    Prohibition wasn't to protect ppl, yet to raise gangsters. Same with drugs, natural products (poppy/coca plants) will likely never be eradicated. They used their agents to foist mandatory minimum sentencing to ensure that drug prices would remain high and fund the black budget for the CIA. CIA is out of control, you can't simply defund it, you need to also decriminalize drugs (like was recently done in Oregon). The right rails against the solutions by design, idiots like Rand/Ron Paul try to prop up the value of the dollar against a mountain of debt. That's the last thing we need is a strong dollar with an astronomical debt, we want it to be worthless - inflation also erodes the ill be gotten gains and allows for wealth redistribution - something we are going to need moreso in the coming years. The destruction of the middle class is underway, those who can "hold their breath" financially long enough disappear into the throngs of unemployed. The wealthy who can, then move in to scoop up new business/land/supplies on the cheap. Trump was in on this aspect, he approved and was running with the destruction of the middle class.

    The Brits are afraid right now, they want the nuclear option on the table and to do that they may need to reinstall Trump. Keep your powder dry.

    And spread the word, so ppl don't start targeting the constitution as a gospel. It is a framework for taxation, designed and deployed by the British, the only thing good about it is the "amendments" (iow that which was added, not in the original) to get it passed. They were persuing a financial subjugation tactic, that is nearly fully deployed - whoever gets out of line with their worldwide central banking interdepency (Florida oranges -> Africa -> African Oranges -> Australia -> Australian Oranges to California) financial subjugation scheme get targeted. The latest to get "out of pocket" is Venezuela, that's why MI6 tried to loop them into the election scandal. WAKE UP

  • anon (Wednesday, June 02 21 05:06 am EDT)

    I would be happy to accept the crazy-suicide-theory, especially because the trailer for Gray State seems like it's just another shitty action movie.
    But what strikes me as odd is that some of the posts here look like typical shill posts.

    Toilets don't replenish water and from the photos it is clear that the open back door was a sliding door, opened only by ~2cm.

  • REBECCA DEBRUYNE (Sunday, June 27 21 01:11 pm EDT)

    I have been reading this, the dog is actually a witness. If David where to be the one to kill his family, if they want to place him in a psychotic mind, he would have killed the dog. I can not imagine that the dog would just have been shutting up and not try to protect the child or mother. Also, when the brother came to the door, dogs tend to bark if they hear people approaching the door or the house. It very peculiar that David or his wife didn't come to see what is going on or who was at the door. So , the dog is actually very important. He has seen who the murderer was. And dogs are known for their great nose, they can even smell the past. So, its weird, they did nothing with the dog for finding out more about the what really happend.

  • Mike (Saturday, October 23 21 11:49 am EDT)

    I once worked for a guy who did employee work capacity testing. I wrote the database program he used. Out of curiosity, I asked how he knew when someone was faking it. He replied with some basic characteristics of muscles but also explained that when he's testing one's back muscles, for example, he's really testing leg muscles. A simple deception but one that only a fellow practitioner would know is being done.

    From watching the documentary, it's clear to me, and without question, that David and Komel were specifically targeted (targeted individuals).

    The unfolding events, tactics, behaviors, responses, and their related trademark characteristics are all too common to all TI's. But due to the nature of the program, its tactics, and the usage of technologies largely unknown to the public, evidence of this is recognizable only to TI's. In the case of today's targeting program, it's nearly impossible for the public to see what they don't understand, or much less can even believe when told about it. A program so effective and hidden in plain sight that it's only seen once being attacked by it - but only upon it choosing to let the victim see it.

    All things you're not supposed to know of and would never recognize even while standing right in front of it. It's something you all simply know nothing about, and I'm sorry to say it like this, but it's the truth.

    To David's friends and family wondering what happened to D&K, understand that your perception has been created for you, and that you have all been deceived - including D&K. But please rest assured knowing - even while not understanding - that they were both 100% innocent, and that what happened to them was completely out of their hands.

    This is my opinion based on years of experience as a victim (both my wife and I) and which thousands of TI's will not hesitate validate for you should you ask them to read this post - providing it hasn't been edited.

    I hope this helps.



  • Truther4Life (Sunday, May 22 22 05:27 pm EDT)

    So many here raise excellent points. The one connected to Mossad made perfect points coupling that with the Targeted individual profile that Mike just pointed out the bigger picture is painted and all the evidence points that WyckedNight brought to the table. Excellent points.
    No doubt this is a hit whether it be by the brother or friend of the brother perhaps they were hired agents to target them all along, many times Targeted Individuals are attacked by family members who’ve been hired by the assailants in charge.

    As for all those who buy the official narrative, keep drinking that Flouride water and getting your boosters because it seems to be working; you’re completely cut off from reality, you seem to buy anything media moguls or government officials seem to sell, have some bridges for sale if you’re interested. Those of us “conspiracy theorists” know the deal and we can read between the lines and behind them because we have a fully functioning brain and pineal gland.
    And if you’re gonna mock those who question the narrative and dare to expose the men behind the curtain please do not group us all together with the conservatards. Most of us the ones who are diligently uncovering the truth do not lean on the understanding or subscribe to the paradigm of the two party system. Left wing, right wing same Roman bird. It all leads to Rome in the end because Rome is the spokespeople for Satan themselves. We are not all the QTards and Trump supporters because we all know he is part of it and more deep one could imagine. So please get it right and if you’re gonna laugh at us or mock us, don’t be so naive to think we are with those people. Government sucks their wicked and sinister plans are being exposed, they don’t like it and there’s some who are still sucked into the “Patriot Matrix”. Laugh if you will, but we will have the last laugh and they who laugh last laugh the loudest.

  • Ray (Thursday, May 02 24 09:03 am EDT)

    While i feel it is very possible that the intelligence agency did this, there is an awful lot of evidence that shows and adds up to david going crazy. I think he made a suicide pact with his wife.

    On a separate note, the instagram picture from Dan Crowley on Jan 21st doesnt mean anything. People mourn differently. How do we know that Dan isnt mourning? People can be happy while mourning.

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