The Ugly Truth
The Ugly Truth

Nine Months after David Crowley’s Family Found Dead: Still More Questions than Answers

The above screen shot is the only reference in this case by the media as an “alleged triple-homicide”.

September 22, 2015 - Chaska, MN - Dan Hennen

It has been nine months since the bodies of David, Komel and Rani Crowley were found in their Apple Valley, MN home. Each died as a result of a single gunshot wound to the head. Law enforcement ruled it a double-murder suicide at the hands of David Crowley.

During these nine months, speculation came out as to what happened, but very little, if any evidence has surfaced. Below, I will outline some relevant items surrounding this case and why there are so many unanswered questions.

There have been only three media releases by the Apple Valley Police Department regarding this case. First was a short release announcing that three bodies were found in a home on Ramsdell Drive, then the identification of the three bodies, and finally an announcement that there was “no signs of struggle in the home”.

We have little to go on from there. The elephant in the room that hasn’t been addressed yet relates to the comment by a first responder on the scene, as heard on the police audio as saying “rear slider unlocked, and slightly ajar.” AVPD Captain John Bermel and lead investigator James Gummert have never brought this up publicly and to some it leads to speculation that it could be intentional in hopes the question “goes away”. This reason alone, one could argue, is the reason this case should not have been ruled a murder-suicide.
The AVPD quickly ruled this a murder-suicide also PERHAPS to reduce the public’s fear of having a “murderer on the loose in their neighborhood”. The city of Apple Valley has roughly 50,000 residents and the public fear subsided when the police quickly concluded this was indeed a murder-suicide. But the question remains…was it?
The parents of David Crowley (Dan Crowley, Sr. and Kate Crowley of Owatonna, MN) didn't do a public interview or even released a statement. The parents of Komel (Anjun R. Alam, and Naila A. Alam, of Hewitt, TX) haven’t done a public interview or even released a statement.
Komel’s mother Naila Alam is allegedly receiving treatment for an advanced form of cancer with slim hopes of surviving. This was discovered in July, 2014 and at the time she had no medical insurance. Komel’s younger sister Sidrah Alam, 22 has communicated that her mother has ovarian cancer and due to her stress she has not been informed of the murder of her daughter, Komel, and grand-daughter Rani. With mounting medical bills, Dan Crowley (David’s older brother) set up a “GoFundMe” campaign called “The Crowley/Alam Medical Fund” with a stated goal of $6,000,000 yes, $6 MILLION. There is no mention in local papers or on social media of anyone named Naila Alam suffering from an advanced form of cancer and no Caring Bridge web site in existence for periodic updates, and well wishes from family. From July, 2014 thru January, 2015, there is no evidence to support a local benefit for the family or any type of fundraising effort for this woman. Dan Crowley, 32, who was close to his late brother David, but only an acquaintance of the Alam family “stepped up” to create the fundraiser but the funds donated went directly to him under the auspices he will “forward the funds” on to the Alam family. The fund raised $8,000 when Naila allegedly began receiving medical insurance coverage. Sidrah Alam notified Dan Crowley to shut down the campaign page, and a week later the fundraiser was closed. In repeated attempts by myself to get confirmation that the $8,000 was in fact, forwarded to the Alam family, neither side of the family could do so.

The following week, Dan Crowley posted a picture of himself in front of a Las Vegas Hotel on his personal Facebook page, only adding fuel to what happened to the money. Does Naila Alam have ovarian cancer? Why didn’t she have medical insurance? Why would she need $6,000,000? Did the $8,000 raised by Dan Crowley ever make it into the hands of the Alam family? These are some of the questions. Currently there is no evidence to support any of this occurred.

Two weeks following the death of his brother's family, and closing down the fundraising campaign, Dan took a trip to Las Vegas.
Screen shot of comments made on the Facebook Group “Justice for David Crowley and Gray State”.
Email confirmation from the “Alam/Crowley Family Medical Fund” fundraising site. Why would the funds be received by Dan Crowley?
In the home when the bodies were found, an agitated, angry dog was found inside the home. This was Paleo, the family dog. Paleo was taken to a shelter to for a time, and Dan Crowley “stepped up” to take the dog in. The dog had eaten on parts of the bodies and tore up a sofa cushion in the home, but lived for three weeks with no food. That part makes sense and could very well be true. But here’s the catch….the water.

A dog could not survive three weeks without water. In this two-bathroom home, there is a chance that one or both of the toilet lids were open allowing the dog to drink the toilet water. This water could have lasted several days or even a week depending on how many lids remained open. The fact that the bodies were lying there for three weeks or more, makes it very likely that Paleo didn’t have any water during the seven to ten days. This point needs to be addressed and law enforcement could have made a statement eluding to how many toilet lids were open and the condition of the dog when it was found as Paleo would have been very weak physically by that time. Police had to wait for a dog-pole to arrive before gaining access to the home on January 17, 2015. The picture of Paleo at the shelter that Dan posed on his Facebook wall, showed a thin-but-healthy dog.

David's brother Dan Crowley at the animal shelter visiting Paleo.
Dan Crowley doesn’t help his cause with this interesting post on his personal Facebook wall:

Screen shot taken from Dan Crowley’s Facebook page. This post has since been deleted or hidden from his page.

Another odd photo posted on Dan Crowley's personal Facebook page. This, too has been deleted or hidden from his page.
There is only one known obituary posted relating to the family deaths. Nothing found in Hewitt, TX and nothing in the Minneapolis or St. Paul local papers. For a public figure like David Crowley, it seemed out of place to find an online obituary posted on the Owatonna Newspaper with a short, hastily written obituary lumping together all three deaths by using a personal obituary form from their site? Keep in mind that David was a public figure with followers and fans from across the globe. Komel had her own successful business with many clients and lots of friends.
Perhaps, a quicker, inexpensive obituary to save money? Perhaps, but the Alam family and the Crowley family both were families with resources and were financially stable. Which raises the question above regarding Naila not having medical insurance. (Keep in mind that Komel received her degree from Baylor University and her Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota, and her father bought a new Acura for her to drive while she grew her business.)
The Medical Examiner’s report. The deaths of Komel and Rani were ruled a homicide and David’s death was ruled a suicide. The official date of the deaths are January 17, 2015. Typically in cases like this when bodies are found after several weeks, the medical examiner will narrow down the most likely date of death after examining the state of decay of the bodies, etc. But this was never done. This would help investigators lock into a date to use for investigative purposes. For example, the medical examiner in this case could have stated “the killings appear to have taken place between December 24-26, 2014 from our lab’s analysis.” The official date of death will remain the date the bodies were found, as that is standard procedure.
Dan Crowley stated he “stopped by the home” on December 26 or December 27 to drop off some packages, but didn’t ring the doorbell as he didn’t want to bother the family. He would know the date, and didn't need to guess. Dan Crowley certainly would have been brought in for some initial questioning as he is close to David and was at the property after the crime. We do not know if he was ever questioned. From the standpoint of a potential suspect in this case, Dan Crowley certainly has some explaining to do regarding his behavior.
Many criminals enjoy “returning to the scene” to review their handiwork whether an arson, vandalism or murder. Was Dan truly dropping off gifts at the front stoop, or simply stopping over to get a glimpse into that front window that had the curtains conveniently left open? Dan has certainly gone out of his way to appear as a good guy in this case, visiting the family dog Paleo at the shelter, then taking him in, then starting up a fundraising campaign for his brother’s mother–in-law that he hardly knew. He was stated as calling David and sending texts to David after not hearing from him during the holidays. Was this an earnest attempt to reach his brother or an alibi that checks out as Dan being “concerned about the welfare of his brother?” He was certainly close enough in proximity to make stops at the home if he was indeed concerned. The day of the interview with the press, Dan Crowley along with friends, Danny August Mason, Mason Hendricks and Sean Wright all pose smiling for the camera in a photo that reeks of foul-play, but yet still was posted on Instagram.
Instagram photo posted on January 21, 2015. (Left to right, Sean Wright, Dan Crowley, Danny August Mason and Mason Hendricks)
These are not men that appear to be grieving the loss of a close friend and brother.
The media in this case, presents another issue. This story took off initially on the world stage with coverage in Europe and Australia. Then several small stories here in the U.S. Then all fell silent…including the alternative media, who would have eaten up a story like this with all the anomalies. The story was brushed under the rug in conspiracy circles and many publicly stated they “agreed with the official narrative”.
Images of 12 individuals connected to the Gray State project with alternative media connections.
Many thanks to three groups that have taken this case under their wing. 21st Century Wire, Disaster Survival Magazine and Wake up to the Truth internet radio show. As well-known as David Crowley was, it seemed to go down memory hole in sites such as Godlike Productions, LunaticOutpost and AboveTopSecret.
Advocacy groups also got involved as this was also purported to be a case of domestic violence. Showing pictures of Komel and Rani being victims of domestic abuse at the hands of a deranged man. There has been no evidence to support the fact that David Crowley killed Komel and Rani, and in fact, the case is still open and ongoing as per investigator James Gummert.
Many have accused David Crowley of suffering from PTSD after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan in the Army. While this angle certainly would make sense, there is no evidence to support that David suffered from PTST and snapped and flew off the handle killing his family. Instead, the murders appear to be a very calculated, planned event.
David commented often on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and his comments lead the reader to believe he was rational, and excited about the future. He was looking forward to 2015 and releasing his documentary in “the next few weeks”.
Speaking of social media, the next series of anomalies center on the censoring of certain posts. David’s personal Facebook page had a post deleted or hidden. On December 9, 2014 David made a post about having “big plans for 2015” but had been recently deleted or hidden from his timeline. On the Gray State: The Rise Facebook page, a post from September 9, 2014 was recently deleted or hidden which stated, David was in the process of putting together “a new trustworthy team” to work with. Why would these posts be deleted or hidden and who was doing this?
Screenshot of a recently deleted post on David Crowley’s personal Facebook page.
The news of the deaths arrived on January 18, 2015 in circles on the internet when “The Rundown Live” was being aired with Mike Paczesny. The news appeared right as their online show was beginning, and took over much of the air time. This certainly was strange, but COULD have been coincidental also. Two days later, on January 20, it was the same Mike Paczesny who apparently “went rogue” and “leaked” the Gray State unfinished documentary on YouTube. Once again, another anomaly that can’t be easily explained away as coincidence. Mr. Paczesny would be another person to get a statement from on his knowledge of this case.
The curious case of Sean Wright:
Sean Wright is a close friend of David Crowley and member of the Gray State team, and calls himself the “personal rolodex” for David Crowley. A loving father and proud dad and a man who recently “turned his life around” appears to be the good guy in this case including working with investigators, police and closely with the Crowley family. He made the statement, “David was like a brother to me, Komel was like a sister to me, and Rani was like a daughter to me. I consider them family.”
Sean’s odd behavior in the aftermath of the deaths and how he inserted himself into the outside investigation of this case has many people believing he should be considered a suspect. Public records show a total of $38,000 in State of Minnesota Judgements against him, and additional tax related problems shows this is a man who needs money. Sean took the lead in “asking for” and then “demanding” administrative privileges on the Facebook Group called “Justice for David Crowley and Gray State” ran by Thomas Lapp. Once granted, a series of posts were deleted that questioned the official narrative of this case. He then “asked for” and requested administrative rights to the Facebook Page called “Justice for David Crowley and family” that I created. He wanted to "make sure the correct version of the story came out and to ban certain members of that page who were making outrageous claims." When turned down, he became irate and made veiled threats, and told me “You’ll get urs” and "I feel sorry for the backlash that will come your way."
I recommend that he create his own Facebook Page (which is free and easy to do) and push whichever narrative he chooses. To my knowledge he hasn’t as of yet. During a phone call I had with Sean, he stated he could be sent to prison for up to “70 years” if some of this tax stuff gets out there, and I am still confused about why a person would make this statement.
Anyone who has doubted the official story has received backlash from Sean, whether in the form of a text, a private message on Facebook or otherwise. Sean has become the leading force in the case to brush aside and “eliminate” any questions surrounding the case. In a personal phone call to Greg Fernandez Jr. who is active on the “Justice for David Crowley and family page,” the following quotes were made to Greg…..”There is no conspiracy”, “We’ve seen the medical examiner’s reports”, “All the tests have been done”, “There’s nothing out there.” “I can’t tell you”, “I was probably one of the last people to see them alive” , “If you can, free yourself from this situation”, “The DHS and FBI will put you under a microscope if you keep asking questions”, “You’re swimming up a river that doesn’t go anywhere”, “Don’t beat a dead horse”, “You gotta learn when to let things go”, “There is nothing to pursue”, “I hope that you respect my words”, “Just stop it dude…for your own sanity”, and finally “The truth is already understood, and it is up to the family to decide what to disclose.”
Wow, here is a man actively pushing that there is no foul play, but here comes the good part. Sean has actively pushed the following angle….David and Komel jointly agreed to do this and it was planned this way…
Screen capture shows Sean Wright leaving his personal cell phone number and requesting David to call him. He also mentions the importance of his “tax talk” in the film. Is this something a “close friend” would leave in the comment section of a post? It would seem more appropriate to send a private message. This post was later deleted from the Facebook page "Gray State: The Rise".
Officially, the medical examiner and the Apple Valley Police Department have ruled a double-murder followed by David shooting himself. Mr. Wright is of the belief this was a murder, followed by a double-suicide, planned and agreed to by both parents to kill their daughter and then themselves. This, by definition is a conspiracy (two or more people agreeing to commit a crime). So, we’ve got Sean Wright actively pushing a conspiracy theory, while at the same time, publicly stating there is no conspiracy. In working closely with investigators, I wonder if they know this man is actively throwing their theory under the bus. Those are some strong words.
If Komel agreed to this, where is it documented that it went down like this, where is the evidence to support this theory and if there was evidence, why would law enforcement state that it was a double-murder, followed by a suicide? What possibly would cause a parent to shoot and kill their five-year old daughter?
Sean isn’t the only one with this theory. Mason Hendricks a friend of the Crowley’s went on to say that it was a “joint decision” to do it this way, and that “David did this, 100%”. How does Hendricks know? Hendricks is believed to use the name “Mason Norsk Hest” on Facebook and Instagram and stated that the family death was “tragic, but poetic” much to the shagrin of members on the Facebook pages, who called the comment, irresponsible.
Beginning in April, Mason began a dis-information campaign which many believe was simply a reason to throw independent investigators off the trail.
Private Message from Mason to Dan Hennen. Here he stated the ashes of Komel Crowley were flown down to Texas. Komel Crowley was Muslim and most certainly would NOT have been cremated.
Message from Mason to Dan Hennen responding to the question of who set up the GoFundMe campaign.
Mason Hendricks was a person photographed in the iconic “smiling guys” picture that surfaced during the press interviews days after the bodies were found and during the time the close friends were allegedly “grieving “ the loss of a friend.
Screen shot from Godlike Productions site. Interesting comment at the bottom.
The Motive:
As with any crime, you’ll need to identify the motive to come to a conclusion as to why it happened. In this particular case, there isn’t one just yet. If you “follow the money”, you will more-than-likely get to the root. In the Crowley case, there is a big one… $30 million. David was pitching his movie “The Gray State” to various producers in Hollywood in May, 2014, but he came back empty-handed. Later it was found that there was a $30 million offer on the table for this film and apparently there was a verbal offer and production was to begin on this film. But, keep in mind that David Crowley wanted this done his way, and didn’t want to lose the integrity of the film with Hollywood producers molding the story into something else. During this time, it appears David then rejected the offer when it became obvious he would have to “give up all rights to the film” and it was to be directed and produced by someone other than him. The Gray State team would have been undoubtedly upset with this, as most of them poured many, many hours and up to three years working on this project. The fact that one man single-handedly “pulled the rug out” from a $30M deal could very well have left a wake of resentment by the team towards him.
The members of the Gray State team have repeatedly stated that “there was no deal” but some comments below seem to support the evidence that there WAS something in the works, and a deal was most certainly discussed and was going down a path of working out the final details.
The Preschool Question:

Five-year old Rani was enrolled in the Cyprus Classical Montessori school in the fall of 2014. Cyprus Classical Montessori is a NAEYC accredited Montessori preschool for 2-5 year old children with a Super K gifted and talented program for 4-5 year old children in Burnsville, MN. The bodies were found on January 17, 2015. The question is this, Was Rani enrolled at the school in January, 2015, and if so were attempts made to reach the family when she didn't show up for class for 10 straight days? (Following the Christmas/New Year's Holiday, classes began on Monday, January 5.) Typically, upon enrolling a child, the parent must fill in two names and numbers to use as "emergency contacts". One of them was more-than-likely David or Komel, but who was the second? Was that person contacted or notified? Once notified did they reach out to the Crowley residence to get an update? If an attempt was made, but no action taken, I would imagine that person would be carrying around a tremendous amount of guilt to this day.

What if the school DIDN'T make attempt to reach one out to one or both of the emergency contact names? Would that make the school itself partially negligent in their duties? The problem is this....we don't know. The school has yet to make a comment or issue a press release on this subject. They have stated to law enforcement that they don't "wish to talk about it". The only logical conclusion is that the Crowley parents did NOT enroll Rani for the winter months of 2015, and she was never a student there in January, releasing all responsibility of the school. But if she wasn't a student, and David and Komel did indeed pull her out, what was the reason given and who was involved in that discussion? That would be excellent information in this case to help determine what was going on in that home around the November/December time-frame, crucial to understanding the killings, and the timeline for this event. If Rani, was not enrolled, the school should have come forward right away to clear the air about this, but instead decided to use a veil of secrecy which only leads one to assume she probably was enrolled in the month of January.
The Facebook group, "Justice for David Crowley and family" had, at one time two people close to the school as members of the page. One was a teacher and one a daycare provider in the area, that knew about Cyprus. Both were quickly harrassed and eventually driven away by members that were rude and inconsiderate. One contacted me privately to say they were being harrassed and threatened in the middle of the night with phone calls that involved "yelling in other languages" for about a week straight. The phone number was blocked after that and the calls stopped.
The number of threats in the aftermath of this event is astounding.
The Neighbor:
Next door neighbor Collin Prochnow saw through the window what appeared to be “mannequins” at the Crowley home around noon on Saturday, January 17, 2015. He told his wife Judy and she suggested they both go back over and take another look. They did, and saw bodies and a black handgun nearby and then called police.
Judy Prochow, or someone posing as her on Facebook, began answering questions regarding the case on "Justice for David Crowley and family", but then soon lost credibility when some of her posts didn’t add up. The person was exposed on our page as a fraud when this happened:
The above screen shot shows “Judy” looking forward to meeting Komel’s sister Sidrah Alam, at her request. When checking with Sidrah Alam to verify this to be authentic, Sidrah replied back to be with this:
It is not known who was possibly posing as “Judy Prochnow” or if it was truly her. But Sidrah states “I’ve never talked to her” and later mentioned, "why would I be interested in meeting the neighbor?"
Screen shot of the Facebook page of Judy Prochnow.
The following conversation took place after the Judy Prochnow person was outed:
Screen shot on February 15, 2015 after it became clear this wasn’t the neighbor. Note, I live only 21 miles away from the scene in nearby Chaska, MN.
We as a group do not know what happened in that home, but the evidence of a cover-up of some sort is clear to see.
Another Unexplained Death:
On, August 9, 2015 Kathryn "Kate" Crowley, 51 was found dead sitting on a patio chair slumped over on the table on the deck of her Owatonna, MN home. She was healthy, in good spirits and held two jobs. No reason was given for her untimely death. Kate was the mother of David Crowley. Obituary here. No foul play was suspected according to the Owatonna Police Department. No press release was issued and no comment from any member of the family. A autopsy was requested and toxicology results will be available around the end of October. This is an alarming development, and highly suspicious.

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  • Judy Prochnow (Thursday, September 01 16 03:44 pm EDT)

    Dan, you're so dishonest. You claim that I was "outed" on your page. That's interesting since we exchanged messages about Sidrah and what I thought at that time was an invitation to talk to her when
    she was at the house. You even warned me that I was (paraphrased) dealing with snakes when I told you who had told me this. That's not a lie Dan, that is a clear misunderstanding, plus it is a well
    known fact that Sidrah and I did speak that day where she related the problems she had been having from you and the rest of your creepshow.
    And Dan, tsk, became clear this wasn't the neighbor? When did that become clear to you and how can you print it without checking first? I realize verification is not your strong suit, in
    fact it's not even an accessory in your closet, but you really shouldn't be posting fabrications as truth. But I guess, without fabrications you have no story. And that's the ugly truth.

  • Sunday Weiss (Friday, April 21 17 11:42 pm EDT)

    The dog ate off bodies, why no bloody dog pay prints, saw some poo, but no bloody dog prints from a dog sustaining himself in the middle of a bloody crime scene?

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  • Henry Massingale (Friday, July 14 17 08:31 pm EDT)

    Our Network Team started a investigation because we now take the word of friends and family in this murder case.

    David Crowley’s Murder is now listed as a Hate Crime, David Crowley’s DOD File, never before seen, videos, images, that David saved to build a media interest in his work, at around 9 minutes and 38 seconds, we and I will present evidence that not only did the police mess up the crime scene, they left out important information.
    Grey State: David Crowley’s Murder Now Listed as Hate Crime
    Part 1.
    First off, Details of Minnesota filmmaker’s murder, should of been turned over to the (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation.
    David Crowley’s Murder Case is now re- opened, by the TTTG News Networking Team. This case is listed by use as a hate crime, because it was a personal vendetta to establish revenge against the David Crowley Family.

  • Nellie (Friday, September 22 17 09:29 am EDT)

    Excellent article.

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