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Sandy Hook:   Halbig's Hyenas

Dan M. Hennen - 3/23/14


When Wolfgang Halbig arrived on the scene after doing an interview with American Free Press, he quickly drew attention, and a fan-base, and followed it up with several other National interviews.  He kept his focus on three things....a list of 16 questions he wanted answered by state law enforcement officials, he wanted to create greater awareness of the story, and he wanted to go to Newtown, CT and ask direct questions to people directly involved and eliminate the hearsay.

When Wolfgang's name came up in blogs, Facebook posts, "tweets" on Twitter, and on the "comments" sections of online articles, an interesting trend was noticed....the people commenting seemed to fall into three distinct categories:  


1) fans who praised his work and encouraged his efforts

2) skeptics who wanted him vetted for authenticity, and 

3) those who hated him and wanted to de-rail his attempt to get to the truth.


Much of the response, was easily that 95% of the people feel into the camps of item 1 and item 2 above....but a recurring cast of characters, fell into group 3, and they led a charge of relentless ridicule and hatred towards Mr. Halbig that I found odd. In most cases, there is always and group 1 and group 2, but only in the case of an upcoming political election, one would find the amount of mud-slinging that came about in the first two weeks of Mr. Halbig's popularity. The background history and personal past of this man went fully under the microscope.  I followed the trend and kept notes and what I found was quite disturbing.  A handful of people were making the same types of comments on multiple pages and sites....and not comments "here and there", but true spamming of the same agenda put forth by the same handful of names.  The work done by this group was embarrassing, childish and not done in good faith, but instead an attempt to "overthrow" and man in a "coupd'état" type of way.  I will call them the Hyenas.


These hyenas end up being a group of individuals who have put in many hours of research into Sandy Hook and have dedicated months of getting the truth out in the Government Staged Event on 12/14/12.   This group didn't embrace Mr. Halbig with open arms and encourage the ballsy initiative that he had while the others sat back and made you tube clips with their findings.  They put forth a uniform effort to"run him out of town", because how "dare" Mr. Halbig come onto the scene without asking the leaders first if it was okay.   These people felt a sense of "betrayal" of this man.


Below is a list of the culprits followed by direct quotes:


Erik Pearson, co-admin at the "Sandy Hook Hoax" Facebook group and co-admin of the"Halbig-Exposed" Facebook group.

"I honestly think that he was placed there and was to be used as a distraction as soon as we were getting close."  (Source:  Facebook post)

"I am 100% questioning Mr.Halbig’s validity. To make his grand debut and then 2 weeks later start asking for funds is obscene. He is a former LEO. He knows the procedure to file and receive a FOIA request. He has yet to submit one correctly. He is a former school principal yet he cannot form a sentence or grasp grammar and spelling as well as my first grader."  (Source:  Facebook post)

"As you know, I have been waiting for close to 3 weeks for Wolfgang Halbig to accept my friend request"  (Source:  Facebook post)

It is my honest opinion that WH is nothing more than a man trying to grasp his last 15 minutes of fame and perhaps get a nice payday "book deal" out of it. This would be great for him to write his memoirs huh? Even if he is shot down in court. What a great story.  (Source:  Facebook post)

"We have been investigating this case and have uncovered mountains of evidence. We have done a tremendous amount of footwork. WH comes out and all of a sudden all of the Baby Boomers are demanding justice.... I am willing to bet that 99% of the people that donated can name more than 3 key players in this event. That is a fact. He is garnering attention from the people. He should have stayed quiet and done things the right way.”  (Source: Facebook post)

"And  Mr. Halbig and his handlers are succeeding in their operation to separate the truthers. In today's post he is attacking Fetzer and Smallstorm. He has single handedly divided the real investigators and has pit them up against each other. Way to go Wolfie. Where do I send my check?" (Source: Facebook post)

 Comment:  Mr. Pearson is quite upset that Mr. Halbig didn't seek his support, and will throw him under the bus because of it.


Tony Mead, co-admin at "Sandy Hook Hoax" Facebook group and co-admin at "Halbig-Exposed" Facebook group

"My efforts to speak directly to Mr Halbig were referred to Thomas Lapp who apparently is the Admin of his Facebook and Donation pages. When I insisted that I speak directly with Mr Halbig, I was accused of being a ‘troll’ and told to just ‘submit a list of questions’.  I think that the fact that he has not shown up on this page to address these accusations directly is quite telling.”  (Source: MemoryHoleBlog comment)

Goes after Halbig on a lengthy Facebook comments section under the alias "Benjamin Dover"

"At this point, I would assume that whatever good intentions ‘he’ had have been hijacked by people with an ulterior motive."

"I'm nobody, I'm just a regular guy." - Phone interview with Halbig (this coming from a man demanding answers and insisting Halbig talk to him)

"Climb aboard the Wolfgang Titanic."
 – (Source: comment on Brendan Hunt’s facebook page.)


Comment:  The tone used here sounds like someone is angry that Mr. Halbig didn’t “go to the right people” when he came onto the scene.   How is it that Mr. Mead needs to "demand"  and "insist" such things.  Who is he, and why does he need to come off as a "tough guy?"


Rob Craig – alias "the conspiracy critic"

“A word of advice to Halbig and his “guys”…Instead of pissing off and ignoring the real researchers who have been on this since day one, you should have created a bond…gathered together the greatest think tank and aligned yourself with the real truth seekers…There is strength in numbers, and if you continue to “Lone Wolf” it, you will see the error of your ways…”

Comment:  wow



 Brendan Hunt – alias xrayultra

"....rather than focusing on wolfgang's somewhat lame"sixteen questions" (a few of which have been answered already).” (Source:  Facebook post)

"i think its becoming clear who and what halbig is"(Source:  Facebook post)

“I was interested in your early work on the subject, but now you're coming across as someone who feels like he has some kind of proprietary claim on the subject matter.”  (Source: Facebook comment directed at Mr. Hunt)


Comment:   His posts repeatedly say “we’ve already answered the 16 questions”….but Mr. Hunt needs to keep in mind that Mr. Halbig wants the Law Enforcement Officials in Connecticut to answer them.


Peacebewithyoursoul  - comments taken from MemoryHoleBlog


“He is ultimately going to do major damage to our cause. If he actually goes to Sandy Hook and gets arrested, it will be curtains for Truthers.  He would not last three seconds in an interview with an Anderson Cooper or any mainstream media pundit/talking head/empty suit.”


“He is a bumpkin, and a dangerous prospect for the future of The Truth regarding Sandy Hook.


"Why did he wait until 14 months later to appear? Why did he allegedly get visited by police twice (or was it thrice?), when none of us other Sandy Hook researchers who have been doing deep investigatory work since 12/14/2012, have never been visited by Law Enforcement, never mind even called by L.E.? I live in Connecticut, and I have been making a large scene with writing letters to the editors of various papers large and small, getting published, and I have called into more than a dozen AM talk shows, and I am a regular on two, still to this day, and I always spoke the unspeakable regarding Sandy Hook. No cop ever visited me…..He wouldn’t last a minute in a televised debate with the likes of Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, or any of the tv personalities. Heck,he wouldn’t last ten seconds against Brendan Hunt, or me, or some of the others who have been to Sandy Hook, and have been researching this since 12/14/2012."  


Comment:  Mr. Halbig was on this case early on, in fact he contacted Dr James Tracy in March of 2013 when his requests were met with stonewalling.



Scott Creighton – alias willyloman


"Rainmaker Wolfgang Halbig – A Pure Fraud in the Classic Sense" article

"Along comes Mr. tasteless Halbig and he posts this comment on the article back in July of 2012.He was asking for a $100,000 back then as well. What a coincidence right? It cost a hundred grand for him to protect those bullied kids and it costs a hundred grand for him to get answers to his 16 stupid questions."


"Turns out Mr.Halbig has now set up a website in which he implores you to “invest in seeking the Sandy Hook truth”. He claims that he is raising money in order to force authorities to answer his list of 16 poorly crafted questions which do little to nothing to get at the heart of the Sandy Hook mass casualty event.


Comment:  Creighton focuses on the donations in this hit-piece on Mr. Halbig, but then states the 16 questions have "little or nothing" to do with the event?



Beth D.  – comments taken from MemoryHoleBlog


"Who in the blazes does he think he is? He’s making every reasonable and logical SHook skeptic look like a conspiracy nut."


"Yes,I have made FOIA requests. Yes, I have been threatened by gov officials – even with arrest for digging into things that they didn’t like.   Ideal with government in my work daily."


"Oh pahleeze…I think the references come from the fact that the fellow is supposedly educated, was a teacher, a police officer and a business consultant and yet does not appear to be able to assemble written communications in a proper and effective manner."


Comment:  Too much of the “holier than thou” language.


Nick202 – comments taken from MemoryHoleBlog


"Most importantly, with his alleged credentials, the dummy should know that the reason he hasn’t received responses to his FIOA requests is that he hasn’t follow the FIOA procedures and therefore hasn’t officially filed a single FOIA request because you cannot file an FOIA request by email.”


"You can NOT file an FOIA request through Wolfgang Halbig’s method of sending gibberish to various individuals, someone with his credentials should understand the importance of always being professional. It is quite simple to find a sample FOIA request letter for the State of Connecticut."


Comment: This person thinks that the email correspondence from Mr. Halbig from November/December 2013, were, in fact, the official FOIA requests sent to the State of Connecticut by Mr. Halbig in early 2013.



Team Wake ‘Em Up

Created the YouTube video called “Why I’m not donating to Wolfgang." 

Hit-piece focusing entirely on Involuntary Dissolution of Wolf’s past businesses.


Comment:  This entire video was put together by someone without a business background or understanding of how businesses are setup and how they dissolve.




Remember, these are THEIR words, not mine.   Notice the tone used in these quotes and tell me if they are written in good faith by people who want to "vet" Mr. Halbig or written simply in a mean-spirited way, like as a new-kid in school who is quickly "pushed aside" by the popular kids after the new kid gets too much attention.


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