The Ugly Truth
The Ugly Truth

Minnesota BCA crime scene photos (662 total):

Main Floor - living room:

Main Floor - master bedroom:

Main Floor - kitchen:

Main Floor - back room:

Main Floor - office:

Main Floor - hallway:

Main Floor - child's bedroom:

Main Floor - master bedroom:

Main Floor - bathroom:

Main Floor - closet:


Basement - bathroom:

Basement - hallway:

Basement - pantry:

Basement - store room:

Basement - utility:




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  • Clayton (Monday, February 05 18 04:00 am EST)

    Dan, thanks for the links! I just downloaded the original dropbox link to the AVPD 464 it was 1.15GB worked perfectly. Have you had a chance to create a dropbox link or zip file to the BCA 662 images and BCA original full reports?

    Thanks for your help

  • Dan Hennen (Thursday, February 01 18 09:33 pm EST)

    Here is the link to the other documents that are available for download.

  • Clayton (Wednesday, January 31 18 11:48 pm EST)


    Could you add a link to the original size jpg images and pdf or reports for this case so I can look into this please? you are doing a good thing here!
    thank you

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The Ugly Truth