The Ugly Truth
The Ugly Truth

Minnesota BCA crime scene photos (662 total):

Main Floor - living room:

Main Floor - master bedroom:

Main Floor - kitchen:

Main Floor - back room:

Main Floor - office:

Main Floor - hallway:

Main Floor - child's bedroom:

Main Floor - master bedroom:

Main Floor - bathroom:

Main Floor - closet:


Basement - bathroom:

Basement - hallway:

Basement - pantry:

Basement - store room:

Basement - utility:




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  • Mary Maple (Saturday, October 20 18 06:29 pm EDT)

    My heart is breaking I sure hope that justice will be done for the Crowley family If not here on earth then we know God will bring down his mighty sword and make those responsible pay

    I love you I love my baby girl I on those responses

  • Clayton (Monday, February 05 18 04:00 am EST)

    Dan, thanks for the links! I just downloaded the original dropbox link to the AVPD 464 it was 1.15GB worked perfectly. Have you had a chance to create a dropbox link or zip file to the BCA 662 images and BCA original full reports?

    Thanks for your help

  • Dan Hennen (Thursday, February 01 18 09:33 pm EST)

    Here is the link to the other documents that are available for download.

  • Clayton (Wednesday, January 31 18 11:48 pm EST)


    Could you add a link to the original size jpg images and pdf or reports for this case so I can look into this please? you are doing a good thing here!
    thank you

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The Ugly Truth