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Wolfgang Halbig - A Chronological Account of One Man's Quest for Truth Regarding Sandy Hook

In the aftermath of Florida resident Wolfgang Halbig's interview with host Dave Gahary on American Free Press in February, 2014, critics of Halbig came after him wondering "how was it" that this man came "out of nowhere" to take center stage in calling out the inconsistencies in the events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14/12.  Mr. Halbig said he was closely following this for over a year.  Mr. Halbig responded with "at first, I believed the official report, but after the first month, the puzzle didn't fit."  Mr. Halbig has since gone public and spent countless hours trying to wake friends up using his personal Facebook account.  To dispel the myths that Mr. Halbig was a plant or "suddenly" came on to the scene under mysterious circumstances, I compiled the following account of this man's public posts on social media that proves that he was covering this case far longer than many of his critics.  The following was gleaned from the Facebook account of Wolfgang Halbig.


Compiled by Dan Hennen on 3/2/14


12/14 - Sandy Hook event takes place


1/9 - makes a post about the mental health and the reality of it in school shootings

1/16 - comments about the senselessness of the Lanza killings

2/1 - asks publicly for footage of the mass evacuation at SHES

2/4 - posts link to a PatJack video on YouTube regarding SHES

2/19 - public post to Lt. Vance asking why there was no request to the Life Star Helicopter Services on 12/14/12….. Halbig called them in Danbury, CT and they responded with  “A request never came in that day.”

2/28 - more disgust posted regarding SHES and is “willing to turn in my legal citizen status If I am wrong.”

3/21 - comments on the police audio from 12/14/12

3/23 - uses FB to call out to his friends as to why no one is doing anything regarding SHES?

unknown date in March, 2013 - Privately contacts Professor James Tracy about how to raise awareness on this topic (DH comment:  not on Facebook, but Dr. Tracy has confirmed this, but was inundated with requests and let it slip)

3/28 - comments on the police audio and in particular the“WE'VE GOT EM” quote from officers

3/30 - publicly questions where the footage or pictures are of the mass evacuation that day

4/4 - states the “media is pulling the wool over our eyes” regarding SHES

4/6 - publicly states “law enforcement will get caught for what they did.”

4/19 - publicly questions the Boston Bombings and the similarities with SHES

4/21 - states, “Wow, quick work by the law enforcement officials at Boston”…..72 hours, case closed!...but at SHES, we are over 150 days with no answers on what “really” happened

4/22 - makes a comment about SHES on an article relating to the Boston Bombings

4/23 - begins spamming comments regarding SHES on Boston Bombings articles

4/30 - comments on “why no police report yet” regarding SHES

5/25 - publicly tells Newtown, CT parents to “wake up”

5/30 - comments made that blast the national media and local news reporting for the dis-info at SHES

6/5 - “we need the truth on the SHES events”

7/25 - comments on the newly released article by Police Chief Kehoe

8/16 - comments on an article regarding all the OT pay for all the Sandy Hook investigators and how it could be that much

8/19 - says “Sandy Hook shooting didn't happen as they say.”

8/21 - These are simple questions, why won’t they answer them?

9/3 - Tries to contact FEMA director Craig Fugate

9/3 - posts a link to a YouTube video regarding SHES

9/4 - posts link to a new video by you tube user “danp5648”which shows the projected flight in 3D for the Life Flight Helicopter

9/4 - calls out to friends that will support me in my search for the truth

9/6 - looking for a writer for a new idea for a movie, a comedy (DH comment:  wasn't sure if this relates to SHES or not)

9/10 - calls out to the parents of loved ones at SHES to call him personally, includes phone number.

9/15 - lists out the all the crap out there regarding SHES……including:  parents/interviews/CNN green screen/photo manipulation of Adam Lanza/Gene Rosen/Robbie Parker/Grace McDonnell

9/16 - apologizes for previous day’s post (because of all the negative comments it resulted in)…but goes on to say, “I won’t stop digging.”

9/17 - Navy Yard shooting comments….but no “report yet on Sandy Hook?”

9/23 - Navy Yard shooting comments…..and adds, but “no trauma helicopter at SHES?”

9/26 - reiterates, “No Trauma Helicopter?”

9/27 - responds to all the newly released 911 calls from SHES, and calls it all a “sham”.

9/30 - Uses the word “BULLSHIT” three times in his post regarding the 911 calls.

10/8 - Pleads again, for someone to explain the events at SHES…and why NO REPORT after 11 months?

10/11 - comments on the $2.5M in pay awarded as OT for the investigators, but still NO REPORT?

10/12 - comments “They are hiding something”

10/17 - comments on how he had to change his password after someone hacked his Facebook account.

10/18 - posted SHES questions directly onto the Katie Couric website

10/21 - looking for evidence of a mass evacuation at SHES

11/5 - comments on the bio-clean up at SHES and believes a federal crime has been committed.   NO REPORT after 11 months and tells the FBI, “you are better than that.”

11/8 - goes after Lt. Sinko and why he stayed at an off-duty construction site for over two hours after he found out about a mass shooting in a school in his town.

11/16 - states that his twitter account has been suspended, because he’s been “asking too many questions”

11/20 - asks friends and followers to contact their local FBI office to ask questions about SHES.

11/24 - says he contacted the FBI offices in New Haven, CT

11/25 - comments that the report is being released today…..and says why no trauma helicopter and why did police have to park a quarter mile away?

11/25 - a total of six additional Facebook posts regarding SHES today

11/27 - posts a link to the Sofia Smallstorm video

11/27 - publicly states for the first time that he is willing to go to jail for his efforts

11/27 - asks why is there no social security number for Adam Lanza

12/6 - comments on a link to an article and posts 12 questions

12/17 - says homicide detectives from Lake County Sheriffs Department arrive at his home, ….. ask him to stop emailing questions to authorities in Connecticut.

12/24 - asks “why is this report classified?”

12/27 - asks why no response to repeatedly asking for the flight log of the CT Trooper One helicopter at 12/13 and 12/14 between 6 am-6 pm,what’s there to hide?

12/28 - now looking for the helicopter manifest including who was on board and copies of the video that was shot at SHES

12/28 - six additional posts regarding SHES

12/30 - comments regarding Mark Taylor’s Freedom, and gives link to Taylor’s donation page (DH comment: note he doesn't ask for donations)


1/5 - calls out Vance and Kehoe publicly for sending two Lake County Sheriff’s Homicide Detectives to him home

1/17 - compares the SHES lies to President Obama’s lie of getting into office and links to an article about Barry Soetoro

1/18 - posts link and includes the email from 10/31/13 that he sent to members of the national media, including ABC, CBS, NBC, 60 Minutes,and the FBI asking about the status of his previously requested 21 FOIA requests concerning SHES

1/23 - posts the link to the debate with James Fetzer/Keith Johnson that Dave Gahary moderated and leaves a comment there as well

1/23 - links a post to an article at BlogTalkRadio.

1/24 - posts comment about how parent would need to be able to physically see/touch a loved one who died…why wasn't it allowed at SHES, why did the parents agree to it?

2/3 - “I’ve got detectives harassing me and we’ve got a President in power who committed ID fraud in the White House?”

2/10 - FOIA request sent to FEMA

2/11 - starts posting using the phrase “Best Illusion Ever” regarding SHES (DH comment:  majority of all of these posts since the beginning had no more than 5 comments by other readers)

2/18 - comments on his rejection letter from Florida State Senator Marco Rubio regarding questions about SHES.  (DH comment: comments are up to 69 on this post, and previous interview with American Free Press begins to go viral)

2/18 - user Susie Gee suggests he contact Ben Swann for additional exposure. (DH comment:  56 comments on this post)

2/18 - user Eric Lieberman suggests Halbig use the exact rules to submit FOIA, because they might be getting rejected, and they are strict as to what they accept

2/18 - someone suggests working with the group for additional exposure

2/18 - another visit from the Lake County Sheriff’s detectives at Halbig’s house.   This time they are in uniform.   They ask when is he going to Newtown, CT and if he owns a handgun.   Halbig suggests that someone in the Newtown Police Department heard the interview on AFP and relayed that info to Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

2/19 - Halbig sets up the “Sandy Hook Justice Trust Fund”, to raise money to host a conference in Orlando, FL….only way to win at SHES is to hire attorneys and file civil lawsuits.  Give’s address and asks for people to mail checks in made payable to the “Sandy Hook Justice Trust Fund.”  (DH comment: 118 comments on this post including this by user George Mason:  “I went up there on April 8, 2013 and spent 18 hours in town….brought back info that totally disputes the mainstream media reports.”)

2/19 - a request comes in by a friend to open a Paypal account

2/19 - two requests come in to use a site called “GoFundMe”

2/20 - one user requests Halbig to talk with Field McConnell and David Hawkins for additional exposure

2/21 - LOP (website reminds Halbig of their offer from two weeks ago for an opportunity for a live program as well.

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