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Gray State:  The Rise (documentary)

David Crowley was working on completing this project when he died.  It is a 2 hr 39 minute documentary that was scheduled to be released for free on YouTube between December 28 and December 31, 2014.    It was never completed or released.   The latest version available was called "The Rough Cut."



Names of those who appear in the documentary
The Gray State team interviews 36 different individuals in this documentary.
Adobe Acrobat document [194.2 KB]

 Number of appearances in "Gray State:  The Rise"


53 Erik Pakieser
9 Adam Kokesh
8 Adam Miller
7 Ron Paul
6 Danny August Mason
5 Alex Jones
5 David Crowley
5 Stewart Rhodes
4 Brian Peterson
4 Sean Wright
3 Danny Panzella
3 Jason Bermas
3 Jeff Gigler
3 Kurt Bills
3 Luke Rudowski
3 Mike Vanderboegh
  Less than 3 appearances
  Abby Martin
  Col Douglas MacGregor
  Jake Dusenberg
  Jordan Page
  Mark Dice
  Ray McGovern
  Ben Egerman
  Charlie Skelton
  Dan Dicks
  Dee Xaba
  Gabriel Brown
  Glenn Zarmanov
  Hannah Borno
  Lord Christopher Monckton
  Matt Medina
  Richard Mack
  Steve Grotting
  Thomas Hood
  Thomas Woods

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  • Darryl (Wednesday, October 09 19 11:51 am EDT)

    How can one obtain a copy of this?

  • JebgPrari (Monday, May 24 21 08:04 am EDT)

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  • A Crowley (Friday, August 20 21 10:24 pm EDT)

  • R Lawrence (Monday, September 27 21 12:11 pm EDT)

    Hello - what are they saying throughout the movie, jewel beast? Julie’s? I can’t make it out

  • Beatrice (Wednesday, November 03 21 11:03 pm EDT)

    Yeah - I hear it too - especially the last hour or so. Sounds like “Jewel beams” or “jewel beats” - no idea!? It’s weird.

  • NbctPrari (Monday, July 25 22 09:29 am EDT)

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