The Ugly Truth
The Ugly Truth

One of the last known whistle-blowers still alive regarding the events of the JFK assassination, Judy Baker.

Dan Hennen discusses the book by Judyth Vary Baker titled "Me and Lee."  In 1963, she went to work for Dr. Alton Oschner and Dr. Mary Sherman on an internship at Tulane Medical School to help cure cancer, but ended up caught up with the CIA, FBI, Mafia, and another world that changed her life.

Dan Hennen interviews Judyth Vary Baker on 11/3/15
One hour in length.
Judyth Vary Baker Interview 110315.mp3
MP3 audio file [5.4 MB]

Judyth Vary Baker and Dan Hennen at the JFK Conference in Dallas, TX (November, 2018)

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  • Elisabeth (Wednesday, October 17 18 06:46 am EDT)

    This Website is a Shining Pearl in an ocean of ugly waters, thank you very much ! [archive]

  • Terra Cotta (Thursday, July 29 21 01:48 am EDT)

    JFK was murdered by CIA operative and TRANSGENDER Jackie Kennedy. She went on to marry drug King pin billionaire Onassis, who collapsed Greece's economy. When you view this blogpost, my newly-reconstructed Table Of Contents should be on it, God-willing. I had to fix alot that was broken by spineless scumbags that only care to cover up their political activity which is synonymous with criminal activity. Robert Snogres
    Here's the Table Of Contents:

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